Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 10, 2014

Pesonnel Hiring for Parks and Recreation – August Town Board “Work” Session

To: Town Board
From: Parks
and Recreation
Subject: Personnel
September 06, 2014
Please approve the following additions/changes to
1. Lauren Howard, Office Ass’t., @ $12
2. Justin Kroll, Swim Lessons, @ $11
3. Tyler Kroll, Swim Lessons,@ $11
4. Justin Kroll, PVCC Ass’t., @ $9 per hour
5. Tyler Kroll, PVCC Ass’t., @ $9 per hour
6. Brian Boshak, PVCC Ass’t. @ $9 per hour
7. Georgine Bagnato, PVCC Ass’t., @ $10 per hour
8. Jessica Viveros, PVCC Ass’t. @ $9 per hour
9. Samantha Cunningham, Cheerleading Ass’t. @ $340 for week #1
10. Jessica Wagner, Cheerleading Ass’t.@ $280.00 for week #1.
11. Nathalie Garcia, Cheerleading Ass’t., @ $280 for week #1
12. Amana Hess, Cheerleading Ass’t., @ $310 for week #1
l3.Kaitlyn Johnson, Cheerleading Ass’t. @ $310 for week #1
14. Nicole Raus, Cheerleading Ass’t. @ $250 for week #1
15. Ariana Maucieri, Cheerleading Ass’t. @ $1500 for week #1
16.Regina Albano, Cheerleading Ass’t., @ $2650 for week #1
17.Karen Brothers, Cheerleading Ass’t., @ $430 for week #1



  1. Is Lauren Howard by any chance related to Sherry Howard who works for the town in Parks & Rec? And is that a forever job at $12.00/ hour from here to eternity?

    We know that Kelly Howard who has what is in my opinion, a no show job at the “Museum” is Sherry’s daughter, but according to the authorities on the Ethics Board including ethically challenged CVR, that’s not a problem in PV. For that matter, is it true that the only qualification to get a job in our town is that you have to be related to someone? There are many of us, myself included, who would love to have a nice little job close to home, one that you could never be fired from, no matter how badly you f*****d up. Oh well, I can dream can’t I?

    • A lot of last names are recognizable. Isn’t that the Putnam Valley way, hiring from the club, and eliminating any “outsiders.” Just look at the Tendy/Zarcone/Annabi/Sayegh/Raimondi/Cinque association. It has been fruitful.

      • Even so, what about cheerleading???

  2. Yes, cheerleading. Why are we spending what looks like $6350 for one week of cheerleading?

  3. Keep in mind that all these town employees will continue to vote for the politicians who gave them the jobs in the first place. This is one of the biggest advantages that incumbents have.

  4. It has been admitted that Lauren and Kelly Howard are the daughters of Parks and Rec senior employee Sherry Howard. Lauren was just hired as an Office Asst. at $12.00 / hr. while sister Kelly has a no show job as Museum director for which she receives about $12 grand a year.

    Of course, Mr. Tendy, the man who wants so desperately to be DA, and law enforcer for the County believes that there is no ethical problem with the fact that 3 people from the same family are all on the town payroll that he administers. Mr. Tendy also does not believe it is legally or ethically or morally necessary to advertise said jobs other than maybe putting some kind of posting on the town bulletin board.

    Tell me again why the Bully in Chief would be so much better than Mr. Levy?

  5. I would like to clarify the remarks I made previously. I am not sure if the town board approved the hiring of Lauren Howard or not as I have not seen the meeting. As of today, all I know is that her name was on the list and that she is the daughter of another long term PV employee. As far as Kelly Howard’s position as head of the Museum, it is my opinion that her job is what many would call “no show” inasmuch as there are few if any requirements as to how many hours per week/day/month or year she must work.

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