Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 10, 2014

If you have recovered from the cheerleading…

there is some other interesting stuff on the Town Board’s “work” session agenda. Notice how every time Bob-O has to make a repair, it is an emergency, and he doesn’t have to go out for a bid? Even if he had been caught unaware once or even twice, you would think that, after a decade, he would be prepared the next time and would start doing appropriate maintenance. Or perhaps address a problem in the chain of command if the problems are not being identified before a building is falling down.

The other interesting point about this agenda is that Lake Peekskill is not on for discussion at all. Bob-O may change that at the meeting, but still, the town response to the toxic algae bloom is very strange. Notification to residents was late. There have been no updates. Bob-O seems to have nothing to say – Tendy at a loss for words is odd in and of itself. Wouldn’t the Town Board be expected to want to talk to the community? Preventing this kind of event has been discussed by residents, and even budgeted, but Bob-O is so committed to his mismanagement, and his parties, he has neglected any follow-through, and has been downright hostile to residents wanting some positive lake management.

August is district budget time, and Bob-O wants nothing less than to talk to residents, so he will declare an emergency, and find a political crony to do something. The community’s liaison doesn’t know the difference between the district and the civic association, and the natives are getting really restless, so she will amuse herself with balloon dachshunds.

That is just not what I want from local government.

6:00 P.M.

1. Authorize Supervisor to Sign Contract with Fireworks
Extravaganza-Town Day $9000
2. Authorization for Emergency Foundation Repair-Putnam
Valley Historical Museum – Raul Inga $2330
3. Authorize Waiver of Building Dept. Fees-Foundation
Repair at Putnam Valley Historical Museum
4. Personnel Appointments-Parks and Recreation
5. Authorize District Clerk to go out to bid-Transfer Station – this is Lake Peekskill
6. Appoint Temporary Building/Zoning/Fire/Gas Inspector – Rich Quaglietta $28/hr.
7. Authorize Supervisor to Sign Contract Putnam County-
Electronic Waste – huh?
8. Authorize Supervisor to sign contract-Elite Environmental &
Tank Testing Services-Removal of Underground Oil Tank-PV
Museum – $1200
9. Review of 8-20-14 Agenda


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