Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 1, 2014

Regime Change Needed – Tilly Foster Fiasco update

This info was posted by Ann Fanizzi about the Tilly Foster Fiascos that just seem to be getting worse and worse.

I like pigs and alpacas, but I don’t get it at all.

SP Maloney only spent $7K on his wedding? Seriously?

“1. TRUTH SQUAD – In the Courier article, CE Odell states that only $7000+ in Sheriff’s overtime was lost on the carnival and how could it not be labeled a success. She compared this number with that spent for the Mahoney nuptials. This half-truth conveniently omits the additional $11,000+ of Highway and Parks Department personnel overtime nor does it include all the time and work and cost of materials for pre and post carnival construction of parking lots, cleanup and cover-up of the damage. done. At the Audit Committee, the Chairman and Finance Commissioner said they would try to obtain that information. So far, total costs to taxpayers = $20,000.

And here is the latest on the cost -not yet posted on Facebook – it will be.

2. In response to my urging for information at the Audit Committee, I have received via e-mail from the Legislative office, the complete breakdown of the cost of re-introducing – in the words of CE Odell “cost efficient small animals” – into Tilly Foster which total $17,000. The information came from Fernando Pena, Highway Commissioner in response to a July 29th letter generated by Chairman Castellano.

Of this amount, $6,000 was allocated for purchase of animals. Can anyone please justify why $4,500 out of the $6,000 was spent for three exotic pigs – Kunes -Kunes – not native to this area, not even historically relevant and why possibly two Alpacas at $500.00 might also be purchased. Is this Odell’s and Walker’s idea of “repurposing the Farm” with invasive, non-native animal species????

Did anyone on any of the resident committees suggest these species as proper inclusions for Tilly Foster? Did Legislators Albano, Nacerino or Scuccimarra or others suggest these species? Who was responsible in the administration for the selection? For your info, I have downloaded an internet site on the pigs.”


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