Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 29, 2014

Blue Green Algae

I am surprised that there has been no town response to the widespread blue-green algae bloom in Lake Peekskill. I recognize that this regime has done nothing to restore this lake. They have taken possession of district property to the extent of changing the community center lock without allowing access to our district employees.

Still this silence about the algae bloom is odd. Is it that the political party at our beach is so important that public health is of no importance? Will they add “tiptoe thru the toxins” to their family fun? Now that all have been invited, will they pretend that there is no risk?

The bloom has been publicly posted and the DEC site posts info and risks, but still Jackie denies it and Bob-O is silent. Shouldn’t there be notices in the whole community?

I bet Jackie is kicking herself for hiring a limnologist and a lake tester.



  1. Jackie said Monday that the beaches were closed because of people walking their dogs… The DEC listing was last Friday, and I would imagine the PC DOH closed the beaches immediately. I don’t know if there is any posting for people who don’t access through the beaches or are not online
    Has Bob-O actually cancelled his bash? He seems a bit preoccupied with his DA non-race and one would think that the bash was part of his campaign.

    PCNR says that the County Republican Chair is endorsing Levy.

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