Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 22, 2014

Tendy v. Town of Putnam Valley – Cornu

I am still wondering when the Town Board made the decision not to let Doctors without Borders nurse, Cathy Cornu, out of the ridiculous litigation against her, since she does not own the property involved. Would a DA “hopeful” actually make a decision in a closed executive session when he stated publicly that no business would be conducted? Or did he just make the decision by himself?



  1. The likely circumstance under which the Cornu situation will be resolved involves Tendy’s no longer being Town Supervisor. If Tendy loses the GOP primary for Putnam County DA in 2015, the electoral calendar and its corresponding filing deadlines will ensure that he holds no political office as of January 2016. That is a long time for the Cornus to wait, but perhaps by that point a more accommodative person will be the next Town Supervisor. Of course, all bets are off if that person is Mackay.

  2. Don’t you think Bob-O is announcing so soon because he expects DA Levy to step down? He has all the airs of an anointed one, rather than someone expecting to run a campaign. That would get rid of him sooner in PV. JA has been crowing about being Supe. I haven’t heard any rumors of Mr. MacKay, but he just squeaked by in his election, and then, quickly lost scores of votes he had received in that election. Hard to imagine.

  3. If as you suggest, Levy steps down before the end of his term, what is the mechanism for selecting/electing an acting-DA?

    In addition to Tendy (and perhaps Levy), it is likely that another candidate from the Mahopac/Carmel area will run in the GOP primary for DA. Tendy is unknown in the eastern part of the county. Furthermore, there are many more voters in Mahopac/Carmel than there are in Putnam Valley/Philipstown. Consequently, Tendy will be at an electoral disadvantage.

  4. Perhaps the legislature appoints?

    Good to know someone else is considering running. I had heard months ago that no one was going to oppose Bob-O.

  5. You misunderstand me. I do not know with any certainty that someone other than Tendy or Levy will run. This is conjecture on my part (and perhaps wishful thinking, because I am hoping for a scenario that will result in Tendy’s not holding any public office).

    As to town politics, has Annabi really expressed her wish to be Town Supervisor at some point in the future? To whom? In what forum? What a depressing thought (likewise for Mackay).

    • Ah, you got my hopes up. I had heard early, before Tendy started “hinting” at a run, that Christopher York was planning to run. Maybe he likes retirement.

      Ms. Annabi started telling individuals in the community,that she was going to be supe, right after the meeting that she ran, was that in May?

  6. The Cornu litigation has been ongoing for 14 years. That means that the town taxpayers have been funding various lawyers, engineers and town employees hundreds of thousands of dollars to harass and wage a vendetta against two people, now in their 70s, who made the mistake of constructing a very unusual home in Put Valley. The house has been extensively tested including having X-rays taken of the structure. Their current architect has performed exhaustive studies from top to bottom and has signed an affidavit stating that the house is safe to live in. Even if the house wasn’t “safe” what difference does it make anyway? The Cornu’s chose to live there and they never had any problems. The town has put the world on notice that our officials don’t deem the building to be safe by not giving a CO so their interests are protected. There’s no pollution going on, no effects on anyone else. So why is this insanity continuing with no end in sight??

    The voters need to know the part that aspiring DA candidate Tendy has played in this vendetta. It isn’t pretty and shows just what you can expect if this petty tyrant obtains ever more power than he has already.

    • This particular litigation has been going on for 14 years, but the town started before that, and lost. The new 2000 litigation was begun to keep them from suing the town. They just like the persecution so much
      they kept going.

  7. The main theme of Tendy’s regime has been his utter disregard for the law and his abuse of power. The thing about the Cornu affair is that the current round of litigation was instigated by Mr. Tendy as shown by an email he sent to former building inspector Landi. In case you didn’t know, Landi has jumped ship and is now the CEO of Mt Kisco. But I digress….

    What Tendy has done to Cathy and PIerre is an abuse of power, plain and simple, and a very serious one at that. Because a man who has no compunction about throwing 2 senior citizen/ taxpayers out of their home because he wants to commandeer their property, has such a defective understanding of his position that one would be foolish to presume any limits to his abusiveness. Can you imagine what he would be capable of doing as DA?

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