Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 20, 2014

July Town Board 2014

Putnam Valley-

Mr. Tendy didn’t bother to show for his “work session.” He was busy recreating.
Ms. Whetsel was not there either, but I have no idea if she was recreating.

Ms. Annabi announced an executive session on Cornu litigation, and to keep the Tendy tradition alive of announcing exec sessions improperly, she announced one on contractual matters. That inability of the Board to comprehend that government is public, not their private domain, is always discouraging. It is the closed decisions where corruption lives, and with the noted involvements of Tendy and Annabi with notable arrestees – Zarcone, Leibell, and now election fraud, their love of backroom meetings is always upsetting. Since they have proceeded for years without any appropriate public action in the Cornu matter, it is hard to understand why they would even bother with public announcements now. But still, the correct public announcement is preferred.

Mr. Zutt wants to make some code changes, and to that end, there are 4 public hearings scheduled before the “regular” August Town Board meeting, that is, from 6:30 – 7PM. When Ms. Rau remembered that there were committee reports at 6:30, they decided to reschedule those to 6:15. Two of the public hearings are on option A and B of the 20% rule. Instead of discussion which would involve taking the time to get it right, they are presenting 2 versions. In Putnam Valley, this law allows people to increase their houses by 20%, with a building permit, instead of a site plan. Perhaps it is time to rethink this rule. But that is not what is being proposed. What Mr. Zutt wants is to allow basement and attic refinishing to go beyond 20% with only a building permit, as long as the house footprint remains the same.

What if you build up? The footprint is the same, but that impacts the neighborhood. What if you are adding bedrooms?

One proposal is to disallow this within 5 years of a site plan. But why are they allowing 20% increases as of right, other than refinishing what already exists? And if there is a site plan, and a new house is built with planning input, why would we allow that to increase by 20%. Do the zoning boards and planning boards figure in 20% more house when they allow building? Why was this passed in the first place?

The third law is to not allow underwater land to be used in calculation of lot size.

I don’t remember the fourth. I was numb by then.

There was a vote to pay the witness for the Lorterdan assessment case for pre-trial preparation and court testimony. Louie asked if he should recused himself, and Bill said it had nothing to do with Sheryl (Louie’s wife and the assessor). Huh? Wasn’t it Sheryl’s assessment that was being challenged? Uh…

The Board talked about problems of too many cars parked in the Hilltop district. What was odd was that Jackie wanted to know if the Hilltop District could have cars towed away. She was told that it was a town road, so no, but could someone please explain to her what a district is?

Before the “regular” meeting, Larry was talking about pipe replacement on the roads. He mentioned 25-30 years old for the pipes, and 25 years old for the catch basins. That seems like a very short life span to me.

The library has been closed since Sept. The construction work is progressing. Maybe this September. Announcements on facebook, but since facebook did their irksome reorganization, I don’t get newsfeed from the library. It is hard to get the “new” overcontrolling facebook to do anything my way.

Bob-O did return for the “regular” meeting. JA wasn’t there. There was an executive session on the Cornu resolution. Funny that there was some odd decision that no one has owned up to, to not allow Ms. Cornu to be out of the lawsuit, but now there is a lousy deal that they are willing to take public. Now that Mr. Landi is out of the deal, it should be a whole new ballgame, but possibly the Robert Tendy method of wasting money and treating people badly has triumphed once again. Lousy way to run a town. And even lousier way to run a District Attorney’s office. The TB tabled the resolution until the August “regular” meeting.

They were also having an executive session on that pesky Leibell Wing – the addition to Town Hall. How many years has it been since Vinnie got that taxpayer money for Bob-O?

Adopt cats. Save sea turtles.




  1. Thanks for reporting on the meeting– I don’t know how you do it. They are such a despicable lot that it’s almost impossible for me to listen to their voices for any length of time.

    As far as Supervisor Tendy, aka, the Bully in chief, people need to know the truth about what a heartless, smarmy individual he really is, especially with regard for his 3 year jihad against the Cornu family. Based on the Tendy emails that I FOILed (and they are a treasure trove that I will be publishing during the election campaign), it seems that it was his idea to re-open the litigation that had been sitting dormant, i.e. he gave the order to go after Pierre with a stop work order, even though it could be argued that (a) the work Pierre was doing consisted of repairs that had been ordered by the Court. No permits were necessary! But that was enough to give Landi what he needed to post the red eviction notice on the Cornu door, at which point Cathy and Pierre, fearing being thrown into prison once again, packed up and left town.

    Thanks to aspiring DA candidate Tendy, one of Put Valley’s families has not been able to reside in their home for some 3 years with no end in sight.

    Robert Tendy, aspiring DA candidate, who is NOT an architect or engineer, doesn’t think that they should be allowed to substitute their new architect’s house plans for those of the prior architect who died several years ago. So he has at great cost and expense to the Cornu’s and the taxpayers, put up every single stumbling block he could think of in order to obtain his true goal which is to bankrupt Pierre and Cathy and take their property for the town to do God knows what with. The arrogance of this man never ceases to amaze me.

  2. It seems that the more people Tendy puts on the town payroll, the worse the public service gets. If you check out the latest edition of some of the town stationery, you can see that the Supervisor’s office has become a true executive branch with it’s own staff including long time political beneficiary, Sue Manno who became the head of Facilities with a nice pay upgrade. In case you’re wondering, the facility she oversees is town hall, and like you, I am puzzled why we need someone on the payroll to “manage” one building that has a cleaning staff.

    But I digress. What really ticks me off is the latest snafu courtesy of our highly paid town clerk, Eileen Royael, and her crackerjack staff of friends and family “workers.” It seems that if you pay your town/county tax in two installments, they put the wrong amount due for the second half on the stub, i.e. they did not put the interest for each month that has to be included in the payment.

    So I sent what I thought was the correct amount in, that is, the amount they have printed on the stub, and my check was returned telling me I did not calculate the interest and therefore they refused my check that must be returned to them, postmarked no later than July 31st.

    This means if you wait till the last minute and send in the wrong amount after the deadline, your bill gets sent to Carmel/ county Finance and you will have to pay another huge penalty that will keep compounding.

    You see, Eileen Royael doesn’t give a crap about you or your financial troubles or how f***d up you will be when you find out all the extra money you’ll have to pay because SHE f***d up!

    Like I always say about our government employees- there’s no reward for success and no punishment for failure.

    In the private sector, Eileen would no doubt be fired or demoted for such a screw up, but since she’s an elected official, well, you know the answer as well as I do.

  3. I forgot to mention that when the County bills you for tax payments, they include the interest and total amount due for each month, depending on when you pay. If Eileen was paying the slightest bit of attention, she might have realized the mistake, but then again, why would she care about saving someone so insignificant as a taxpayer a few bucks.

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