Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 19, 2014

The Other Big News

is that John Landi has resigned as Code Enforcement Officer as of July 25, and Bill Zutt will be retiring. Supposedly, the town is looking for another Code Enforcement Officer and Attorney to the Town, so if you are interested, you can call Bob-O’s office, and talk to his secretary. I posted quite awhile back that Mr. Zutt had an accepted offer on his house, so we know that is not an unexpected move, and the CEO salary hasn’t gone up when others were getting big raises, so I don’t imagine that was an unexpected change either.

Since at least one Town Board member is big on Fantasy Land, we can pretend, and send in resumes, and then, find out who the regime has already been chosen.

I’d like to be wrong on this. It would be nice to have competence instead of politics in both of these positions.



  1. Landi has two job titles, Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer. Is he resigning as CEO but staying on as Building Inspector? Is that even possible?

    How does this affect the town’s efforts to squash the Cornu’s, a disgraceful episode in which Landi has played a big role?

    It is my impression that Zutt is well versed on NY municipal law. Are there many other attorneys who fall into that category?

    Whistling Willie

  2. A web search ( revealed that Landi is now employed as a building inspector by the Village/Town of Mount Kisco.

    Whispering Willie

  3. Mr. Landi is resigning from Putnam Valley. Thanks for the Mount Kisco info.

    I don’t imagine that most attorneys will work for zoning, building, and town for that amount of money. I do, however, believe that you can find attorneys much better schooled in municipal law, and open government, with up to date computer skills.

    This could be a wonderful opportunity for the town, but I doubt that it will be.

  4. I became aware of the openings because of a post on Ms. Annabi’s facebook page, a couple of days after it was posted. I am not one of her fb “friends” so it was not posted to my wall. That does not seem like an adequate listing for these two important jobs, nor does my blog.

  5. The other attribute I would like to see in a PB, ZBA attorney, and an Attorney to the Town is a view of SEQR as a tool to protect the environment and the citizenry, rather than an annoyance to be circumvented. I still believe that there should be separate attorneys for the volunteer boards and the town board.

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