Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 18, 2014

Tendy v. the Board of Health

At the “regular” Town Board meeting, Bob Tendy was in classic form demeaning the Board of Health for closing a beach for public safety reasons. Odd that Bob-O wants to be DA when he has so little use for the law. This is the second time he has re-engineered Spur Beach up in Roaring Brook, and apparently it was designed and approved as a dry beach because the grade went beyond the 9% that is considered safe and acceptable as soon as there was water. He seems to believe that if the grade was okay before the water was there, that it is somehow acceptable if the grade is deeper with water, and they should just put up signs saying that the grade is dangerous.

To see what Bob-O thinks is acceptable in grades, take a drive up Marsh Hill Road.

Adopt cats. Save sea turtles.




  1. I’m not sure what this is all about, but as someone who pays two different improvement district taxes for Lake Oscawana, I would say that the people of RB should be able to use their beaches whenever they damn well please. I cannot believe the residents of RB are putting up with this crap and in all honesty, “Dr. Beals” is just as much of an AH as the BIC when it comes to Government interference in our lives. Beals is part of the the GOP Machine and he got his current $150K “job” because he spent his own money running against SamO. Everyone knew he didn’t have a chance, but he ran anyway to keep the execs of Club Putnam happy and wow, was he rewarded. The problem with politicians like Beals is that eventually they come to believe their own BS and think they need to flex their muscles and exercise some power; you know, show the people where it’s at. It’s not enough that these RB people have actually lived and used their beaches forever, now they have these two clowns ruining their summer.

    It’s not for me to fight the RB battle, but what the hell is wrong with the residents?? Don’t they care enough to say something? Anything?

    This is the perfect example of why PV politics sucks.

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