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Robert Tendy

The Man Who Would Be District Attorney?

I just happened on this tonight and I gotta say it is even better than I remembered. This is the letter Robert Tendy sent (on Town stationery) to the judge to tell him what a nice guy Vinnie Leibell is. What amazed me in this reading was that he put that little story in writing, the one about Vinnie getting him the money for the Town Hall Leibell Wing (from the dormitory authority), the one he told PCNR was not true. I have to go back to the PCNR article now and see exactly what his tall tale was then.

I have a favorite line in this one too. “Others may differ, but they are wrong.” Vintage Bob-O!

February 18,2011

Honorable Warren Eginton

United States District Judge

United States District Court

300 Quarropas Street

white Plains, NY 10601

Re.: United States of America v. Vincent Leibell, III

10-cr-1198 (WEE)

Dear Judge Eginton:

I am the Supervisor of the Town of Putnam Valley, New York. I am also an attorney, having my own law practice since 1995, and having been an Assistant District Attorney in New York County prior to that.

I have known Senator Vincent Leibell for almost ten years. I have campaigned with and for him; I’ve socialized with him; I’ve talked to him about many issues from politics to religion to family to community. He is a very good man.

As a State Senator, I held, and I still hold, Vincent Leibell as the most energetic, decent, and caring political representative I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. When our town needed a voice in Albany for any reason, he would do his best to assist us. He would also keep us informed via progress reports. He never “dropped the ball” on anything. When he couldn’t help us for whatever reasons, he’d call us and tell us and try to come up with alternatives.

In 2008 I asked Senator Leibell to try to get us funding for a town hall addition. Our building is so small that some of our files are literally on tables in the hallway. Senator Leibell worked very hard on this request. One year later, funding came through.

Construction will begin soon.

We had a Veterans monument which had been vandalized and neglected for decades. I asked Senator Leibell to take a look at it. He came to town, looked at it, and said “you’ll get the funding.” We got it. It’s a beautiful and a fitting tribute to one of our town’s WWII heroes.

When our town tried to get the state to do something about a major environmental problem which had been ignored for 10 years by a certain governmental agency, I was at my wit’s end making phone calls, writing letters, and contacting various departments–all to no avail. One day while complaining about this intolerable situation, my town facilities manager said to me “why don’t you call Vinnie?” I did just that. Within a few months the violator had been taken to court. He has been fined heavily and the problem he created has been removed. Your Honur, I had not been able to get any other assistance from anyone–including the governor, the attorney general, and the DEC. After a while, I stopped dealing with most other politicians. Senator Leibell worked, and he worked quickly. There was no reason to contact anyone else.

It wasn’t just about funding or getting something done, though. Senator Leibell was an important presence in our community. He would always be available for ceremonies, conferences, mentoring, and troubleshooting. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “Vinnie’s the only politician in this state who knows that our town exists.” .

He was working on a legal plan to keep our historic Methodist Church a viable community building; he was available for Boy Scout and Girl Scout events; he would intervene on our behalf with Putnam County if necessary. I could go on for pages.

Frankly, he was a mentor to me in the very best sense ofthe word.

I don’t know anything about Senator Leibell’s case. I do know that if every New York State Senator was as hard working, caring, and organized as Senator Leibell, our state would be in much better shape today. Senator Leibell would always tell me that it’s not about politics, it’s about the people. I never heard him discuss Democrats versus Republicans or Liberals versus Conservatives. He seemed not to care at all about politics in that sense. He represented his constituents, and that’s what he cared about; and he did it better than any representative I know. He will always be welcome in my office.

If Senator Leibell made a mistake, I know he is the kind of person who is agonizing over it because he let people down–not because it will affect him.

No good would be served by Senator Leibell being incarcerated. This is my opinion.

Others may differ, but they are wrong.

Very truly yours,


Town of Putnam Valley Supervisor

265 Oscawana Lake Road. Putnam Valley. New York 10579 Ph. (845) 526-2121/ Fax (845) 526-2130

Case 7:10-cr-01198-WWE Document 22-4 Filed 04/20/11 Page 61 of 65
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