Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 7, 2014

Robert Tendy – more great stuff!

Even so, Tendy maintained that “no fair-minded person can argue” that Leibell was a “good senator.”
“I hope that when he gets out of jail he can pick up where he left off,” Tendy said. “He was a very energetic and attentive senator.” This one was in the Journal News.



  1. As long as former Leibell consigliere, Clem Van Ross, continues to sit in the chair of Counsel to the Legislature, a post to which he is almost unanimously voted every year, Leibell won’t have much to pick up when he comes back. His possessions are being well taken care of.

  2. Tendy has not been anointed just yet as the next PC DA. According to an article by Eric Gross in the July 30, 2014 PCNR, the Putnam GOP chair Jim DiBella of Southeast issued a statement in which he castigated the Bully in chief as follows: “Robert Tendy has publicly accused DA Levy of criminal ethical misconduct in an effort to turn the public against him. Mr. Tendy offered no proof, no evidence and no support for his inflammatory remarks. Instead, he relied on allegations made by others.” He also praised his admitted friend Levy by saying, “his record speaks for itself. He is a firm and fair prosecutor.”

    So what does this mean? Probably as one commentator has suggested, that Tendy is going to have a hard time overcoming Levy’s support in the Eastern half of the County. This is undoubtedly the same problem that SamO is going to face this November. Put Valley and Philipstown are in a world of their own when it comes to county politics.

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