Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 3, 2014

Some of the other lawyers.

Only partial listing. This doesn’t include Robert Cinque, and William Sayegh – Jackie’s brother – when they were on the other side, nor does it include William Zutt when he was on the other side.

Court: Putnam Civil Supreme
Index Number: 000544/2000
Case Type: Other (“Not One Of The Above”)
Track: Standard
Upstate RJI Number:
Disposition Date: 08/10/2000
Date NOI Due:
NOI Filed:
Calendar Number:
RJI Filed: 05/04/2000
Jury Status:

Attorney/Firm for Plaintiff:
962-1039/DAVID O. WRIGHT, ESQ.
Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record
Status: Inactive

Attorney/Firm for Plaintiff:
CARMEL, N.Y. 10512
Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record
Status: Active

Attorney/Firm for Plaintiff:
P.O. BOX 642
Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record
Status: Inactive

Attorney/Firm for Defendant:
Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record
Status: Active

Last Appearance:
Appearance Date: 06/13/2014
Appearance Time:
On For: Post Judgment
Appearance Outcome: Pd – Conference Held
Comments: 9:30 CONFERENCE



  1. If you read the docket for this case, Town of PV vs Cornu, you can see for yourself that “the town” meaning the taxpayers, have been subsidizing this crew of lawyers and engineers for OVER 14 years. Think about how many man hours this represents, and most of these people charge over $100 per hour.

    The Cornu case is not just about persecuting two elderly seniors who have been forced out of their home- it sets a terrible precedent for the civil rights of everyone in this community.

    Sadly, most people can’t get beyond the appearance of the house in question.

    This is a website where you can access the docket using the index number provided here, read for yourself and try to glean what others have done for the town. For me, getting to the timeline of activity in the case was where I stopped and felt I put in enough effort that I would post what I knew which was the website url. Good Luck to me and others with reading on.

  3. There’s not a lot to go on from what I read on that website except for the lengthy time lapses between groups of motions filed. The longest time seemed to include when the town counsel had Sam Davis as supervisor..I think. I don’t understand what the motions mean. I can’t see which lawyers and how many lawyers the Cornus went through nor the engineering firms accompanying the investigation.
    I can’t imagine being on either side of this case, I guess because I don’t have money to burn through, taxpayer or not. And what did Mr Cornu do that deserved the justice of being imprisoned? How was he held in contempt?
    I was disappointed because I didn’t get the information I was expecting. I wonder if that was the docket I found.

  4. Viewed on this website, it is confusing, and it has been so long, that is confusing too. I believe that Pierre was pro se (representing himself) in the hostilities from 1997-2000. That went to the Court of Appeals and Pierre prevailed. There was some point when Bill Zutt represented him with regard to zoning issues (I don’t remember when that was), and Mr. Zutt was also successful.

    After the 2000 success, the zoning board decided they needed representation and hired Tendy and Zarcone.

    The town was represented by David Wright, then Porco and Daniels, now Porco, Daniels and Lusardi, as outside counsel. They have enjoyed guaranteed income from the case for at least a decade now.

    Cathy was not brought into the case until 2000, although she has never applied for permits or hired any contractors or engineers. Pierre was pro se until the 2004 jailing. That was my intro to all of this. They went out of town for a hearing date, and so when they went to the next court date, Judge Shapiro threw them in jail for contempt. Cathy was nervous so I went with them that day. They were my ride….

    Wasn’t Tendy on the board by then?

    They hired Sayegh Law Firm at that point. That is Jackie Annabi’s brother, and the law firm where she works. Bob Cinque was their lawyer from that firm.
    There was another order that got them out of jail, the one that the town now says cannot be complied with. When it wasn’t complied with, they threw Pierre in jail again.

    There was a hiatus with Judge O’Rourke. When his retirement was announced, an odd red notice was placed on the door of the house. The Cornus hired Keane and Bean, and an architect who did a lot of work on the remediation plan, and the town ran around in circles.

  5. The odd red notice was a letter from der inspector Landi that effectively evicted the Cornu’s from their house. There has been much confusion about this notice and there are those who feel Cathy and Pierre should never have left their home, which is easy to say if you’ve never landed in prison for alleged building code violations. The PC docket doesn’t tell the half of it and the issues presented in Putnam Supreme are really Constitutional in nature; things that are covered by the Bill of Rights like the right to a speedy trial, the presumption of innocence till proven guilty, freedom from unreasonable search, topics that I’m sure our future DA will be covering at his seminars.

  6. That was good to hear. Thank you for writing about this legal battle that is taking over 14 years to settle. I guess it is judicious of Mr Cornu to now pay a lawyer and remodel his house expansion plans to end the trial. Thanks again

    • It doesn’t matter that the plans are updated or that there is a lawyer. The town has no intention of letting them repair their house. Someone Bob-o believes that dragging this out, obstructing justice, and terrorizing old people makes him tough on crime. Besides, his friends get billable hours at our expense, and isn’t that the true meaning of success for a politician?

      Still there are those petitions he knew nothing about, so it is only some crime that he is tough on, and we don’t even know exactly what the crime is.

  7. Somehow Tendy is never accountable for anything. He’s always campaigning for something or other. Nothing is his fault. It does not matter that’s he’s the supervisor who’s micro manages town hall where employees have been ordered to copy him on every email I send to anyone who works there. Usually I send an email to the district clerk that she gives to him so he can answer it. This way there’s no responsibility on the part of town employees either. Some of BIC’s emails to me are fascinating as shown in some of the posts on Points.

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