Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 24, 2014

Ground & Surface Water Protection District

I happened to be reading the  May 21 meeting minutes, yeah, what can I tell you, and I saw that Louie is reported to have said that they can’t really comment on the amendment to the law because it is a work in progress.  I thought that was odd. No comments from the board until there is a finished product?  Hmmmm…..  I have been trying to find out when Mr. Zutt was advised by the Board to make a change to the law, so as to allow Mr. Tendy’s friend’s to operate prohibited businesses in the town, but I have been unable to find that authorization.  If he was advised to make changes, and those changes were requested by the Board, then that would have been a decision.  If there were a decision,it couldn’t happen in the backroom because Mr. Tendy says that there will be no further business conducted, and a Board decision would be business, and that would require the public, minutes, and a legal meeting. 

I have sent inquiries to the Town Board about when they discussed this issue, and came to that decision, that attorney time (and therefore taxpayers’ money) would be expended for this law change, that seems to benefit a couple of people, and not the town who wanted the Ground and Surface Water Protection District in the first place.   I guess Bob-O changed his email address, and I do not have Louie’s, but Eileen didn’t seem to have heard the decision being made, and referred me to the minutes.

Someone commented to me last week that it is up to the individual to determine whether or not there is adequate open discussion in public, but of course, it is not.  Some of it is actually written into the law, a section which our Town Board members, and Bob-O seem to assiduously avoid.

If anyone can shed some light on who decided that this law needed changing, and why, and who decided that attorney time should be spent changing it, please let me know.

Apparently the zoning at Perosky is of no import since nothing has changed, but then, I didn’t really think it would.




  1. This is how things are done under the rule of Tendy the Terrible. There is complete lawlessness, but the sheeple don’t give a rat’s ass how much their taxes go up or how much their water supply gets polluted. All that matters to 98% of the residents of this town is that you be nice when you comment on Facebook. Other than that, there’s really nothing much that concerns them.

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