Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 21, 2014

Lake Peekskill

You will be spending $1900 to find out what those pesky Chinese Mystery Snails are, and what to do about them.  I think you could have found that out for free.  At least there will be one lake testing.

You will be spending $14,440 on dam engineering for the town’s dam.

It’s a good thing you have lots of money.  Jackie says so.


You will have Bob-O’s illegal party on your beach with his carcinogenic hot dogs. He won’t give you any money for it, but he will take your tax dollars to fund any improvements he wants for it. He has to import those out-of-towners again because he can’t get anyone to volunteer here. If it doesn’t work, just keep doing it, and tell us what a success it is. He is very proud of himself.



  1. I won’t be attending because I will be reading the legal ramifications of Indian Point in timely fashion.

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