Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 21, 2014

June 2014 Putnam Valley Town Board – the rest

Roaring Brook’s Dam stuff will cost $15,010, but at least they own it. Woidt Engineering, Griffin Engineering. The price went up, Griffin wasn’t included. It didn’t go up. It was included. Took them awhile to figure out LP, and they confused it with RB.

Mr. Zutt seems concerned about the Ottinger case, so wants to do a quick fix to the zoning code to not allow underwater land to be used in lot size. How about a wetlands law? Like New Paltz.

Victor tried to talk about incentive zoning, but Bob-O doesn’t like public discussion. He says you can’t cast aspersions on Mr. Steinmetz who was not there to defend himself. Victor wasn’t casting any aspersions, but Bob-O likes to nip that sort of thing in the bud. Shut everyone up before they get started. Victor was making some good points. There is nothing in this deal that is actually a benefit to the community, but Bob-O doesn’t want to hear it. His resolution continues conditional concept approval if the applicant gets approval from the county and from the environmental consultant. Stupid, to give approval before knowing anything. Stupid concept, stupid approval. Bob-O shut him up, and that was the point, right?

It seems that the committee reports are suddenly only allowed to be department reports. When did the backroom Town Board discuss that one? WW doesn’t want any snark before the meeting. Was there any? In the years that outside groups have been allowed, has there been any problem? The food bank, the library, the fire department, the ambulance corps, Putnam Felines, the grange, Town Day? Any snark? I never heard any. It was the Roaring Brook Garden Club that they were afraid of. Sounds subversive to me.

I would like to see the announcements taped and posted separately, but let everyone announce. We don’t have too much community involvement.

Maybe have the announcements at the work session. Allow public comment at the “work session”, then have public comment before the “regular” town board meeting.



  1. It would be really great if guys like Vic refused to back down when faced with the BIC’s BS. I don’t doubt that if Vic started to act a bit more like a tough guy and was a little bit less polite, the Bully in Chief would no doubt fold like the proverbial cheap tent. You see he counts on the fear factor because it works every time. Never be afraid to tell him (BT) to shut up when necessary.

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