Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 20, 2014

The Pink House in Short

The taxes are paid up.

There was a town approved plan for the OLR house in the 90’s.

Some changes were wanted on both sides, and another engineer got involved in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. The town started going nuts about this house in the late 90’s. The first engineer, from the first plan, died in the early 2000’s. Engineers don’t like to follow other engineer’s plans. The Cornus have been jailed because of this nonsense. Bill Zutt, Sayegh Law Firm (Bob Cinque and Jackie Annabi) and Tendy have been on both sides of this issue. Maybe Mr. Cinque recused himself. I don’t remember anymore.

A few years ago, an odd red notice was placed on the house, that the old people had to get out. The imminent danger was not disclosed.

The Cornus left, got an architect who has produced a remediation plan, but the town does not want to remediate. The town does not want to do anything.

Mrs. Cornu cannot sign an agreement, get a building permit, or take any other action in regard to this property. But Bob-O won’t let her out of the action.



  1. The taxpayers of the town of Putnam Valley have paid for 14 years of litigation in Putnam Supreme Court which is how long the Cornu’s have been in just this court. The average salary of the lawyers, engineers and other professionals who have been on this gravy train is at least $150/ hour. Do the math, then follow the money trail. Is it any wonder they don’t want to stop:?

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