Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 19, 2014

Bob-O thinks kicking 2 old people out of their house is funny.

This is all public information.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Bob Tendy <>
Date: Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 1:16 PM
Subject: RE: Town of Putnam Valley vs. Cornu- 6.17.14
To: Patty Villanova <>
Cc: Jacqueline Annabi <>, “” <>, “” <>, “Bhzlaw (” <>, Wendy Whetsel <>, Eileen Royael <>, PCNR Editor <>

You are human being. Congratulations. Should we hold a press conference?


We still cannot talk to you about this case.


Bob Tendy

Supervisor, Town of Putnam Valley


From: Patty Villanova []
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 1:14 PM
To: Bob Tendy
Cc: Jacqueline Annabi;;; Bhzlaw (; Wendy Whetsel; Eileen Royael; PCNR Editor
Subject: Re: Town of Putnam Valley vs. Cornu- 6.17.14


Mr. Tendy-

Although I am not a party to the litigation and do not presume to represent the Cornu’s, I am a taxpayer and a human being who has witnessed your persecution of the Cornu’s from a front row seat.  Based on your own emails which I obtained through FOIL, it appears that in July of 2011, you instructed the building inspector to resume the harassment of these two senior citizens for reasons that I can barely fathom.

I find it shocking that you, as an attorney,  are trying to claim that the information I requested,  namely, the voting record of the Town Board and the decision to expend public money, is somehow privileged when the fact is that these exercises of governmental authority are subject to among other things,  the Open Meetings Law and the Freedom of Information Law.

Additionally, the litigation is taking place in Putnam County Supreme Court, not the back room of town hall where I presume most of this board’s decisions are made.  Unlike your back room, the Court is open to the public and what transpires there is a public record that can be accessed by anyone, regardless of whether or not they are a party to the law suit.  You of all people should know this, but then again maybe not, as you seem to think that the laws don’t apply to you or to the People’s Republic of Putnam Valley. 

This litigation against the Cornu’s has been ongoing for over 14 years.  Both of the defendants are now nearly 80 years old and want nothing more than to be able to live their lives in peace.  When I questioned Mrs. Annabi and the other board members, none of them seemed to have the foggiest idea about what was going on with the case, despite the fact that they are authorizing the expenditure of many thousands of taxpayer dollars to continue to line the pockets of the various lawyers and engineers whose services we are paying for to continue the lawsuit;  in fact, the Cornu case has become quite a cottage industry in this town– just follow the money trail.

In case you don’t know, the Cornu’s have an architect and attorneys who represent them.  Their architect, Mr. Lentini, has provided the Town with the most comprehensive plans for remediation and repair that have ever been done for this single family home.  Inspections have been done, tests have been completed, yet nothing is good enough for you.  Every time one of your engineers or Mr. Landi suggests a revision to the plan, it is done, only to have yet another objection raised so that further revisions have to be done. 

Unlike you and your fellow town board members, the Cornu’s do not have unlimited taxpayer money, and it appears to me that you would like nothing better than to bankrupt them, tear down the house and take their property to further increase the size and scope of our town’s bureaucracy. 

I have heard that you are going to be teaching a class in Constitutional law, and I wonder how someone who is so ignorant of the most basic civil rights that we are endowed with, could presume to instruct anyone in the precepts of our civil society.


Patty Villanova


On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 12:41 PM, Bob Tendy <> wrote:

Dear Ms. Villanova:


You are neither a litigant in this action nor an attorney engaged to represent any of the parties. In addition, upon information and belief, you are not engaged to act as an agent for the Cornus in this matter.


This matter is in litigation; you have nothing to do with the litigation. Therefore, we cannot and will not discuss it with you.


Very truly yours,


Robert Tendy

Supervisor, Town of Putnam Valley


From: Patty Villanova []
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 11:24 AM
To: Jacqueline Annabi;;; Bob Tendy
Cc: Patty Villanova
Subject: Town of Putnam Valley vs. Cornu- 6.17.14


Patty Villanova

14 West Ave.

Putnam Valley, NY 10579


June 16, 2014




Supervisor Robert Tendy

Putnam Valley Town Board (Mrs. Annabi, Mrs. Whetsel, Mr. Luongo, Mr. McKay)

Town Hall

Putnam Valley, NY 10579


Re: Town of Putnam Valley vs. Cornu


Ladies and Gentlemen:


On June 13, 2014, I attended a conference in Putnam County Supreme Court before Judge Grossman with reference to the above matter.  During this conference a request was made by Mrs. Cornu (through her attorney) to be removed as a party to this litigation which has been in Putnam Supreme for over 14 years.


Your (the Town’s) attorney, Mr. Lussardi said that he was authorized to deny Mrs. Cornu’s request to be removed as a party and that he would oppose any attempt to allow her to do so.  Consequently, there will be additional motion practice by both sides which will end up costing not just Mrs. Cornu, but also the taxpayers of Putnam Valley, thousands of dollars in legal fees.  As a taxpayer and a human being, I find it unconscionable that this administration is continuing what appears to be a vendetta against two senior citizens, one of whom is a nurse practitioner and member of the humanitarian group, Doctors without Borders. 


Please advise when the Board met and made this decision to authorize Mr. Lussardi to deny the request and to expend the money for this motion practice.  As you know, the Open Meetings Law requires these expenditures to be made in public.  Also, please provide me with the voting record for all members of the Board relative to this decision.  If necessary, I will file a formal FOIL request but would hope that won’t be necessary.


Thank you.





Patty Villanova


cc: Putnam County News and Recorder




  1. Many thanks for posting this correspondence. Sadly, it is self explanatory.

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