Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 19, 2014

Are you kidding?

I don’t subscribe.  I didn’t see this at the time.  Is there anyone who didn’t hear Mr. Tendy crowing about the money he got from Leibell?  His little story about he needed a bigger office, and Sue told him, why don’t you call Vinnie?  And how he went on and on and on about how Vinnie came through and got the town this money from the Dormitory Authority?  Did anyone miss that?  Did they miss his letter to the judge about what a nice guy Vinnie was, and how the judge shouldn’t put him in jail?

Did anyone miss that?  The Leibell Wing?  How did they miss all that bragging?


And now we have surplus office space??????


PCNR 8-29-12 Ann Chesnut

We asked Tendy about her claim: “Five or six years ago I sent a letter to Senator Leibell’s office and other representatives, listing five or six things we hoped to accomplish with the Town.” Among these was the enlargement of the current Town Hall. Eventually the NY State Dormitory Authority, which is the source of much of this type of funding, gave the Town a grant of $250,000 to accomplish the improvements to the space-challenged facility. The contract from the state has been signed, and the new annex is being designed, Tendy said, with the bid for constructing the building going out soon. It will be attached via a breezeway to the rear of the Town Hall, and will hold the Building, Planning, and Assessor’s departments, “all in one central building,” including a place for people with specific planning-related issues to have a private conversation with the Town—something that’s currently not possible. “It will benefit the public tremendously,” Tendy added.



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