Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 14, 2014

“I’d rather just get this done now.”

That was Bob-O, when the town attorney was trying to give some input on the contract between the Town and the State Police, to use our surplus office space.  Bill wanted to make some changes.  Bob-O wanted it done.

I use the term surplus loosely, when it means that we don’t have any surplus office  space.  Very odd.  State Police Investigations.  inexplicable events and decisions, and suddenly there are state police moving in, before the contract signing..  They had a bill sent to the town for the installation of a computer cable.  They thought they were using a town employee and weren’t planning to pay.  That is already a problem.  Town employees are not supposed to work for the State Police. There is no way our town budget should pay their expenses. Perhaps Bob-O and Jackie should split since they are the ones allegedly deriving benefit.

We need the Leibell wing – why?

Patty is out with an injury. We wish her well. Mary is her replacement. Someone will be taking over the the spay, neuter, release program for cats.

More Parks and Rec employees.

Jackie wants to use the weed harvester to remove poison ivy in Roaring Brook.

Bob-O deleted the contract amount of $19,700 for his reverse osmosis, but the Town Board has already approved an amount within a few thousand of that.

Yet another executive session, and no decisions made, although there are lots of decisions that don’t seem to be made in open meetings.

Adopt cats. Save sea turtles.




  1. Putnam Valley is a town of lawlessness. The rot that infects our town like some festering pustule always begins at the top, in this case the BIC Tendy and his 4 Horsemen & women of the Apocalypse with Horsewoman #1 aka Jackie A. leading the way. Jackie Annabi is to put it charitably, a very foolish woman who thinks she’s a whole lot smarter than she really is. She told me that absolutely those 120 plus summer jobs were advertised in the newspapers and that was a lie. She told me she knows everything there is to know about the Cornu affair and that was a lie. Jackie is ashamed to admit that actually she knows very little about any given subject, especially those that have to do with governing the town, especially ethics.

    BIC is in a class all by himself, and is such a congenital liar that he wouldn’t know the truth if it came up to him and introduced itself. For some reason this loathsome cast of characters, the ruling Junta, has a jihad going against the Cornu family. I was in court yesterday and the BS from the town lawyer and CEO Landi never stopped.

    Cathy Cornu wants and needs to be removed as a party. This is a fairly straightforward request, happens all the time in lawsuits. When her attorney asked the town attorney for permission, Mr. Lussardi, acting on behalf of “THE TOWN” refused. Where, when and by whom was this decided?

    Did the town board meet in secret and vote not to allow this long suffering nurse practitioner, member of Doctors without Borders, to end her misery? What does Jackie have to say about that?

    Meanwhile, the sheeple who populate the Valley of Sorrows haven’t a care in the world. Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise.

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