Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 9, 2014

Petitions and Misdemeanors

There is currently a case pending of alleged petition fraud on last year’s petitions for Jacqueline Annabi and Robert V. Tendy. I have gone through the 2013 Independence and Republican petitions for Putnam Valley numerous times. I filed objections last year to these petitions. I still hold the opinion that these petitions are deficient and that neither candidate should have been on the ballot.

When anyone challenges petitions – any voter in the town can – they are required to send line by line specifications of their objections to the Board of Elections. They also have to send the objections to the involved candidates, Mr. Tendy and Ms. Annabi, in this case.

Ms. Annabi’s petitions were thrown out for their deficiencies, and then for some reason that I do not understand, the county attorney got involved, the rules changed, and Mr. Tendy’s were not thrown out.

Lots of odd things were happening, but both candidates received notifications that there were problems with their petitions. Ms. Annabi signed a statement that her petitions were “valid, proper, sufficient and legally effective,” which she took to a judge.

These petitions that are now in court for petition fraud, these petitions that have been the subject of a criminal investigation, these petitions are the ones that Ms. Annabi swore were “valid, proper, sufficient and legally effective.”

Perhaps she looked at them before swearing? “valid, proper, sufficient and legally effective” is what she swore to – about those petitions that are in court now.

Now she says she didn’t know? Swore to it, but didn’t know?

Mr. Tendy and Ms. Annabi knew nothing?

I wrote line by line specifications that the petition signatures didn’t match the voters’ signatures, and sent those to Ms. Annabi by certified mail. Do you think that might have been a clue? She got that mail before she swore that they were valid signatures.

Sounds fishy doesn’t it? It all sounds fishy to me.



  1. How might I learn the identity of those whose signatures are being challenged? I signed petitions for neither Tendy nor Annabi. I wish to know whether my signature was forged.

    • The Sheriff or State Trooper Investigators have probably talked to most of the alleged signers. You can FOIL the petition from the Putnam County Board of Elections or message me at and I will forward the copies. The petitions are public information.

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