Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 6, 2014

Bob-O, the State Police, and extra office space

On Wednesday, the Town Board will approve Bob-O signing a contract with the State Police to use the extra office space in the Parks and Recreation building. It looks like it is for free. Does the town have extra office space? If we do, then why has Bob-O spent so much money on the Leibell wing for Town Hall? Didn’t they discuss going out to bid on a modular unit to add?

Wasn’t the discussion of new office space for Parks and Recreation at the Town Park exploratory? Is it already decided? How much more will that cost? If there is extra space, we need more space?

Those taxpayers must have money to burn.



  1. I’ve just spent 10 minutes of my life reading two newspaper articles regarding balancing the school budget for year 2012 according to Dr. Barbara Fuchs and then a decidedly brief statement by Dr Nuzzi in January 2013 regarding the implementation of safety code measures reimbursable through New York State Safety in Schools legislation and the sports turf field refurbishment contract award and the zero tax impact this had for the community. Thank the Lord for Sandy Hook Elementary school and the Connecticut boundary we call home and putting it into context took me a great deal longer to evaluate and then write to you.
    Life as I follow it here is not just individual decisions along a timeline its more like Wimpy asking for a burger without the money to pay today. No one is accountable for the life of Wimpy if you read the comics.

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