Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 3, 2014

Ground and Surface Water District

So far, I have been unable to locate the discussion and Town Board decision where Bill Zutt was advised to make changes to the Ground and Surface Water District law.



  1. That’s because it was never done in public. Strictly a back room deal. Like everything else in this town.

  2. I don’t understand the changes to the law. But now the town clerk advised me to read Chapter 165-26 in Town Code(ground and surface water) to read what we are discussing but I don’t see how that will show me the changes so I’ll have to ask you what and how many changes have taken place. Thank you for your time.

  3. And let me reiterate that it smells like you are walking by a brewery of I know not what when I passed Carreras Beach on foot today. I do not smell it always and not when I am driving but this morning was ripe.

  4. I wish there were more people reading this blog. This is the problem in PV- nobody cares. Except for maybe 3 people. That’s why the Bully in Chief and his flunkies can get away with their tyranny. I have never seen such a bunch of sheep in my life- literally thousands of people who don’t vote, don’t look at local media, don’t participate at all in their local govt. except to pay endlessly increasing taxes.

  5. I read this blog on a regular basis, but I post only rarely. I agree with Patty Villanova 90% of the time, and I like to keep up with her commentary. To Patty: Keep giving them hell on the Cornu’s; you are making the Town Board members look like a bunch of nincompoops.

    The discontinued lohud Putnam Valley forum had discussions about a great many topics, including school district matters. That forum had many more posters than I see here, including Patty and Pizza Valley (aka Dan Ricci?). Where did these people go? Is there another board on which they might be posting?

    • I couldn’t believe when LoHud did away with the forums- it was the only place around where folks from all over Westchester and Putnam could engage in discussions about politics and local matters. What happened was that the paper was sued by the Ottingers after some people posted items that were alleged to be libelous and/or slanderous. That was enough for them to shut it down and the rest is history. What we really need is for Dawn to somehow improve the SEO of this blog so it will get found online when people google Put Vallley, etc.

  6. What happened with the Ottinger case? All that information disappeared when the lohud blog disappeared?
    Perhaps an open facebook group for blogging?

    • LoHud removed all the info but I understand that several Mamaroneck activists were somehow able to save the posts.

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