Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 22, 2014

Supplement May TB – Hiring Putnam Valley style

At last night’s meeting, Patty V asked about the long list of hires for Parks and Recreation approved at last night’s meeting. She asked where the jobs had been advertised.  Today she got the answer.  Here is her comment.

“Thanks for your recap. There was a lot going on at the meeting and I wanted to update everyone on another one of my questions. At last night’s meeting the board approved summer hiring of 116 people for day camp staff, lifeguards, etc. Just some of the salaries listed were over $100,000 and I’m sure it all adds up to a lot more. I asked Jackie last night if Parks & Rec had advertised for those jobs and she said yes I asked where and she said the newspapers, but she didn’t know which ones.

So today I sent an email to Frank DiMarco and Sherry Howard asking them if indeed the jobs had been advertised, seeing as how there are so many people, including me, who would love to have a shot at a summer job that pays up to $4 grand.

I suppose it took awhile for Frank to catch up with Tendy so that he could read my email and compose an answer for him, because I seriously doubt that the reply I received was actually written by DIMarco.

In a nutshell, here’s what he said: UsuallyJackie would be correct in assuming that they advertised for part time positions, ALTHOUGH THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO SO.

There were formal citations to the Civil Service Law and the Putnam County Civil Service Rules with regard to non-competitive class positions which these are. Also, they are so lucky this year because most of the people they hired are returnees who have been through the “process.”

Oh- they posted reminders on the bulletin boards too. Beginning last December.”





  1. I was interrupted by thunder and lightning and a momentary power outage as I was writing the end of my post. Here’s some more of Tendy’s, oops, I mean, DiMarco’s explanation of why they didn’t advertise any of the 116+ jobs in the newspapers:

    “The positions you are inquiring about are all non-competitive class, seasonal positions. The only requirements in Civil Service Law and Putnam County Civil Service Rules with regard to non-competitive class positions pertain to the classification of the positions (they must all have been approved by the NYS Civil Service Commission to be in the non-competitive class) and to qualifications (non-competitive class positions can only be filled by candidates who meet the minimum qualifications as stated on the job specification).”

    I believe that Frank DiMarco wrote that. Thousands wouldn’t.

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