Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 19, 2014

Wednesday’s Town Board Meeting – May 21,2014

The agenda is posted.

Bob-O says he will not be there.

Up for discussion:

Changes to the Ground and Surface Water Protection District to allow Petroleum Based Fuel businesses and parking of oil trucks.

Going out to bid again for Bob-O’s Leibell wing on Town Hall.

Bob-O’s Incentive Zoning proposal for expansion of Rose Hills cemetery.

They will also authorize Bob-O to sign a contract with the hydrologist.  Is that for his reverse osmosis system?


You can see the employees and salaries for Parks and Rec, and Summer Camp online under agenda docs.  They will be approved on Wed.


Sounds fun.

Adopt cats.  Save sea turtles.








  1. Thanks very much for attending the meeting last night. I hope to see your comments posted soon. For myself, it was almost a pleasure to attend without the Bully in Chief being there. Jackie did a good job of running the meeting and she even allowed a lot of informal back and forth which brought out a lot of good information that we may not have found out otherwise.

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