Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers’ Day!

May, Spring, Politics.


Greg Ball will let us know on Friday what  he is running for.  I guess he is building dramatic tension.   Bob-O has already let us know that he wants to be County DA. That’s not until next year but he is already campaigning.

Bob-O has some favors to give before he lets the town go, so he will be introducing a local law to allow petroleum businesses in town.  You may remember that the town has a ground and surface water protection law, and that residents opted to protect their beleaguered water supply by not allowing more oil businesses, gas stations, and service stations in the town.

The subject came up recently because Lake Peekskill residents have complained about oil tanker trucks that have been parked abutting residences and even on residential property.  Bob-O said he had no intention of enforcing the law – great kick-off for a race for district attorney.  Then he let us know that he thinks that a service station would be a good use of George’s Superstation at Oregon Corners. So now he is planning to change the law he doesn’t want to enforce.


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