Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 5, 2014


Since in the town according to Bob-O, we have lots of money to fix up Oregon Corners and build the Leibell wing and build a new Parks and Rec office (oh, and a reverse osmosis system), can we have public signs for Planning and Zoning Board applications?



  1. I don’t know where to put signs for zoning and building permits but Johnson St has two stop signs on the post at the intersection of Lake Drive. I am not getting used to it like I’d like. Maybe they’ll remove one soon. I adapted to the dog ordinance sign at this same intersection but that took quite awhile to adjust to because it was so personal to me. Have a good day Dawn Powell.

    • Signs for Planning Board and Zoning Board applications would be posted on the property, so that everyone would know there was an application. The orange signs in Cortlandt would be good ones to use.

      I’ll have to take a look at the Johnson St. double stop sign.

  2. Don’t you have to carry through on the obligation of grants? Entities have been known to carry forward on grant proposal submissions in an effort to keep moving forward in a positive step of creation of services to the community. I don’t know that there is money but there was payment to the town at one point in time for these issues. I remember the Dormitory Authority grant money, the grant money for the monument in Lake Peekskill and I believe the County and maybe the State that had a town improvements bond regarding Oregon Corners and Peekskill Hollow Road. There must be time constraints on the Town Board to follow through.

    • The town does have an obligation with a grant. I never read this one, so I don’t know what that entails. The proposal always seemed like the wrong direction to me, but Bob-O never seems to want to hear other ideas. I don’t know that they have received the money, but they have spent money on the architect. Since Bob-O is running for DA, and he works now in his practice and teaching at Marist, he doesn’t need a bigger office, and digitizing the files could have been accomplished by now.

      The Oscawana Lake Road money has been hanging around for many years. The Peekskill Hollow Road project was a reimbursement grant, and has never been locally funded.

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