Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 18, 2014

Another cemetery.

Do you remember that property over on Barger Street – the Nathan property.  The owner wanted to give it to the town, and Parks and Recreation wanted to build a baseball field there, and the Town Board authorized an appraisal, and the property had wetlands and gravesites, etc?

That property was transferred to a rabbinical society, and they want a cemetery.  They were at the March Planning Board meeting. 

Cemeteries are not a use that is allowed in our zoning code. 

The loss of the property on the tax rolls isn’t particularly significant.

The rabbinical society’s lawyer is Mr. Steinmetz, who you may remember from the 2 incentive zoning projects, the other cemetery and the soccer field, or from the Morrissey Drive stuff or Emerald Ridge aka Marsh Hill Road.

The above linked was contributed by Lynne Rosner.

The Barger Street parcel identified on that site I 85-13-1-33. That is the Larksburg cemetery. It is one of the parcels named in the current Planning Board application for a cemetery by the Rabbinical Seminary represented by Mr. Steinmetz.

I did not locate 2 of the parcels from that application on the county website – 85.9-1-18 and

Two of the parcels are listed as owned by the County of Putnam, 85.13-1-31, .23 acres, assessed at $1100 and 85-13-1-32, zoned R2 but used or recreation (?), 75’X100′ and assessed at $27,300. Both parcels were acquired from Markan Land Development.

The other parcel, assumed to be the one that the town was looking into, 85.13-1-29, 49.2 acres, is listed as owned by Mrs. Nathan, acquired from Sandav in 2010.



  1. Did the Bishop Robert C Lawson estate subdivide land on Barger Street with part of the acreage becoming the Nathan parcel you are speaking about here?

    • I have a vague recollection of the Lawson name, but I don’t know. A parcel search for Nathan yielded a Barger Street parcel with a 2010 sale involving the Sandav Corporation, which is David Santucci. No parcel came up with Lawson, but there could have been a corporation.

  2. Here’s a location of the grave site of the Lawson group.

  3. Thank you for that information. The parcel listed there is only one of the parcels listed in the Planning Board application, listed under the Larksburg Cemetery, 85.9-1-1-33. The other parcels are 85.9-1-18, 85.13-1-29, 30,31,and 32.

    The cemetery listing says 5 acres plus 15. I will do more parcel searching tomorrow.

    Interesting that the cemetery has not been maintained but is the subject of a Planning Board application. Also interesting that there is an owner listed, and it was not maintained.

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