Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 11, 2014

Bob-O’s Big Building Bonanza

Just when you thought you didn’t have to pay any attention to these 5 minute irregular meetings of Bob-O’s, he held his hour long + April “work session” with two significant last minute add-ons that didn’t make the agenda.  Bob-O’s Town Hall addition rears its ugly head again, now as a modular unit that allows the Town Board to circumvent prevailing wages and local sources.  Well, we didn’t actually believe was a union or local biz supporter, but we might have thought Louie was.  Bob-O really objects to prevailing wage.

Now, if this addition were a separate building, it would need a bathroom and Board of Health approval.  Hmmmmm……  There is a bathroom on the plan, and the modular guys said that they would set it up for future installation.

There would be transportation costs and a day of crane operation with this method, but the structure would be 80% constructed offsite, and they would not be subjected to prevailing wage.

The other amendment to the agenda was the fire department.  LOSAP points (our volunteer fire fighters can earn 50 points/year toward a retirement system) are not in compliance with state law, and there was an odd discussion of whether the system in use now, or the state system would be most advantageous for the fire department.  Is compliance with state law optional?  

Then there was the fire department building discussion.  Bob-O says the Town Board should present them with several options.  He says that Hyde Park spent or is spending $4 million of a new firehouse.

The fire department wants potable water.  You may or may not recall that there is salt contamination at Town Hall an some surrounding houses.  I can’t think of any reason why Town Hall needs a reverse osmosis system, but I can think of reasons why the fire department might.  Washing trucks is not one of them.  Reverse osmosis systems use a lot of water, and the byproduct is salty water.  Washing trucks would use so much water that it probably wouldn’t be the recommended solution.  It was recommended for the surrounding houses long ago.  I haven’t read the Hydroenvironmental Solutions reports about the surrounding houses in a few years.  The problem was getting better.

Bob-O is committed to doing it, $40k-$75K. He did say that signing a contract was premature.

Phil Keating and Frank DiMarco want to spend money on plans to move the Parks and Recreation offices to the park.  There is a 24 foot ceiling, and they would like a mezzanine or a separate building.  They need conference space for Little league.  They discussed a 2nd floor when they built that storage building at the entrance.  They want another 1200 square feet.

Bob-O thinks it’s a good idea.  And he wants to free up the existing Parks and Recreation building for the state troopers.

Then, there was an odd discussion about approving concept without a concept or an application for incentive zoning for the soccer business expansion.  Bill Zutt said that there was a public hearing about concept approval for the Rose Hills expansion? There was? He thought that the Town Board had given the soccer building a green light for liking the project at the meeting that he did not attend.

If you think this lack of planning is costing you money, you should see the planning process for Tilly Foster!  You can ask Mary Ellen Odell about it at the regular Town Board meeting on Wednesday.  She is coming to kick off her campaign.  I wonder if Greg Ball will get equal time.  He hasn’t announced yet, but there are still rumors.

The Code Enforcement Officer and members of the Planning Board were not present for the big building project discussions.

I don’t know. Bob-O isn’t acting like a District Attorney candidate.

Then they went into executive session, and pressed by Eileen, they said they would be discussing the sale of land to Munsell, the City of Peekskill, the Putnam Valley Volunteer Ambulance Corps contract – a popular topic, and their future plans for dog control officer.


Adopt cats. Save sea turtles. 





  1. Thanks as always for your vigilance and for paying attention in a town where nobody seems to give a flying f***k about anything that goes on here. There are several disturbing things in your report, not the least of which is the idea of setting up a station for the State troopers in our town. Since when do we need to have such an intrusive police presence in our midst that is in many ways like an occupying army? Especially since we have been doing very well thank you, after abolishing our own incompetent former PD. The BIC and his band of Merry Men and Women are no better than a bunch of gang bangers who have ravaged and plundered this town with absolutely no opposition. Apparently they have collected such an excessive amount of taxes from us that money is no object when it comes to building and expanding the size and scope of local government.

  2. It would be nice to have the state police station closer than Croton, but at the same time, locating them near Town Hall destroys some of the much needed autonomy. It would be nice to know why this was proposed, and what the deal would be.

  3. I am saddened by your note that BIC is no longer acting like a potential DA candidate. It seems the only way we will be able to get rid of the monster would be for him to seek another position at the public trough. Sadly, he knows which side his proverbial bread is buttered on. I have no doubt that the residents of PV are probably the only ones stupid and apathetic enough to continue electing him over and over again from now till he either gets led away in handcuffs or decides he’s had enough.

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