Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 10, 2014


Why a reverse osmosis system for Town Hall?



  1. For drinking water and coffee for the animals and humans? That’s rumor mongering. Sounds excessive but I pay the bill with my taxes. That’s the op/ed part.

  2. Patti really should get those dogs off caffeine.

    • Maybe the fire department wants to filtrate the water to put out the fires with it. Maybe the filtrated water will put out the fires better because it will have less ignitable stuff in it. This can’t be but I had a nightmare once where a town could no longer put out its fires because the water had pollution in it so it took longer and longer to put out the fires. They filtered and treated the water and took the filtered byproducts and sold them to companies that made vitamins and minerals with it. Pretty wicked nightmare and I was crazy to think it. But you are just one woman who can talk about the nut job who posts here and I don’t think you are that kind of woman so I share it with confidence in you.

  3. I think chelated mineral content and reconstituted ash in a metal tin with a resealable plastic lid in cardboard housing is plenty enough reason to keep drinking coffee product if I was the animal.
    Thanks so much for covering the work sessions of our town lawyers, its entirely distressing what you write.

  4. I would hope that they will not fill the tankers from reverse osmosis filtered water, but if Bob-O is going to build them a $4 million dollar firehouse, then we don’t have to worry about that.

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