Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 7, 2014

Reverse Osmosis Contract

On Wednesday evening, the Town Board will authorize a contract for a reverse osmosis filtration system.  There are no agenda documents posted and the locale is not identified.  With no public discussion, and no bids, it seems they are ready to sign a contract.

They are also going to talk about relocating the Parks and Recreation Department.  The rumor that circulated months ago was that they are going to have the State Police relocate into the Parks and Rec building.  Too bad we have to count on rumors and anonymous postcards to know what is going on. 



  1. Where do the state police occupy for service to the town now? Will they need their own tower rig to comply and should we proceed to send smoke signals to Ninham Hill tower to keep everyone on board?
    It is not facetious rhetoric this note, it is my abiding adherence in the restriction of communication and its ultimate dissemination.

    • They are currently in the small building down at Oregon Corners. Since P&R moving to their metal mansion, and the state police moving to the P&R building near Town Hall was all rumor and conjecture, any fantasies are welcome. Smoke signals have a historical basis.

      • Oh I thought that was a sheriff building cause I used to see their skiff parked in the back. Do they share the site with one another?

      • My mistake. You are right. That is the Sheriff’s substation. The State Police are in Croton on Hudson.

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