Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 1, 2014

Odds and Ends

Priscilla was asking the Captain from the Sheriff’s Department about speeding on Tanglewylde. Bob-O interrupted twice with “Dennytown Road.”
He certainly gets enough face time and I’m sure that he can ask the Sheriff to enforce on Dennytown Road. I didn’t understand his interruptions.

Since Tanglewylde and Lake Drive speeding come up on a regular basis, I am wondering if there was any benefit when the speed trailer was up there.

While I have seen an anonymous political mailing of late, I did not see the Roaring Brook post card. Bob-O had a big stack of them. Was that actually political? It was good that Ron (their lake superintendent) tried to explain. It would be nice if explanations came before the fact and without the silly TB comments, but it seems that an anonymous postcard did raise awareness and encourage communication. RB is a wild place. You wouldn’t think so from looking at it. Bob-O tried to blame Sam because Bob-O didn’t refill the lake in 2008. Funny if it weren’t so pitiful. That is why no one trusts him to get the lake filled this Spring. He didn’t manage to in 2008.

Jackie seemed oddly cheerful about a heroin bust in Roaring Brook.

The neighborhood watch meeting was set up for that Saturday after the Lake Peekskill district meeting. The neighborhood watch meeting was announced several times for 9:30. When the LP district report was given, the district meeting was announced for 9:30. Then, at public comment, Jackie said that the neighborhood watch meeting would be at 9:45, allowing 15 minutes for the district meeting. Bob-O allowed a bit longer for the district meeting, announcing neighborhood watch at 10 or 10:15.

There was plenty of confusion about the meeting time on facebook. That is where the LP neighborhood watch idea was raised. The neighborhood watch meeting was not for LP.

Louie is no longer recusing himself on ambulance corps votes, and no one feels the need to explain that to the public. No one feels the need to explain why the TB is passing monthly contracts instead of an annual one.

In Bob-O’s now infamous incentive zoning segment with his buddy Steinmetz, Bob-O said that this meeting was not the forum to discuss the incentive, and that the incentive was up to the Town Board. Where would the forum be? How can there be a public TB consent to the concept if there is no concept. What exactly is concept approval, and how much will we, the taxpayers, have to spend in court to find out?

Someone outside of PV described this as pay to play. You give something, you get to break the zoning law. He was glad they don’t have it in his town.

Bob-O, “You will never purchase that church and it will deteriorate.”

Eileen announced a free rabies clinic and was talking about how well organized the event is. Bob-O said he had taken his dogs and cats there. He took his cats to the low cost SPCA spay/neuter clinic. I know that they are open to anyone, but could someone please give him the name of a veterinarian?

I’m still blown away that there is plenty of money in the fund balance to spend making Oregon Corners pretty so businesses will move in.



  1. If only it was all an April Fools joke. Sadly, the joke is on us. The Tendy regime will go down in history as the absolute darkest time in Put Valley. This egomaniac has presided over the mass destruction of our town, while making pay to play the rule of law. Nothing good has been accomplished except bread and circuses for the masses with the hypocrite Jackie as the demented ring master. As with Luongo not even pretending to abstain from voting on the ambulance corps contract, so too there are no pretenses by the board members that anyone except the BIC is in charge. Meanwhile, it’s almost impossible to find 3 residents who know what’s going on, let alone have a meaningful discussion. There is no hope.

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