Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 29, 2014


It is hard to teach children not to be bullies, when the supposed role models around are bullies. There are a lot of really nice people in this town, so it’s hard to watch a government of the bullies, by the bullies, for the bullies. From start to finish, the March Town Board meeting was about bullies.

“Do you believe in the rule of law?” Smirk. Does anyone on the Putnam Valley Town Board? When they go into the back room, and make their decisions in private, haven’t they broken the law? Wouldn’t public authorization of litigation be a good place to start? When they say that no further business will be conducted, that is supposed to mean that no further business will be conducted. When was the last time anyone saw authorization for litigation. Patty mentioned an authorization seconded by Wendy, but when that happened, three of the current board members were not even on the board. Doesn’t sound like the rule of law to me.

And then there is slander. If there are two people who are not in the room to defend themselves, and a Planning Board member spreads misinformation and gossip about them, it is really not very nice – certainly not respectful of the rule of law.

Putnam Valley mythology, lies, distortions, stupidity, and meanness surround the pink palace, and it is well past time that it stopped. Two old people have been kicked out of their house by a government that has no respect for the rule of law. Despite Tom’s extraordinarily ridiculous comments, they cannot simply apply to do what needs to be done. The town has actively prevented progress, and is doing so now. And they would do it to you if they took a dislike to you. They are a government run amuck.

Patty has read all the papers. She knows this issue better than anyone sitting on the Town Board, or the members of the public who continue to malign the homeowners. Two of the Town Board members have expressed interest in settling this, and letting them do the work. It only takes one decent man to move it forward.

This has been going on since the 90’s. How nauseating.

And while we are talking about the rule of law, should we talk about the ground and surface water law, oil trucks in residential neighborhoods, petition fraud, illegal signs, misuse of district property……

We’ll have to give that some thought.

Thank you for your comment. (Now sit down and shut up!)



  1. Well done– one of the best explanations yet of a lawless town board and the bullies who are on it. The meeting itself is a prime example of how it works with these cravenly cowards that rule us- 5 against 1- those are the only odds they’ll play. It is virtually impossible to speak without being interrupted, heckled, or pretty much told to shut up. Participation is like running the gauntlet and I had everything I could do to keep from getting up and going. As if that wasn’t enough, a member of the peanut gallery, Tom Carano interjects and spouts off about writing a law.– he wanted to make sure the bullies didn’t come after him I’m sure. There is not even a pretense of civility or decorum. It is a blood sport pure and simple.

    The only reason I attended the dog and pony show in the first place was to try and get some publicity for the Cornu case which, in its present iteration is now going into the third year of steady, taxpayer funded litigation, courtesy of the BIC who is the driving force behind the destruction of Cathy, Pierre and their home. I wanted to ask these inhuman politicians to their faces, on tv, if they would have some compassion for two elderly people who were ILLEGALLY evicted from their home. The women, being just as inhumane as their male counterparts, wouldn’t even look at me or acknowledge my simple plea. Tendy didn’t have to say much because his sycophant MacKay now does his dirty work. So instead of answering, the question then changed to the “rule of law.” By the way, these morons should try reading their own, very expensive legal papers that Tendy’s buds are submitting on their behalf. Then let’s talk about the “rule of law.”

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