Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 28, 2014

Oregon Corners

Bob-O wants to know why we can’t get anything done in this town.  Hmmmm……

You taxpayers have plenty of money.  There is lots in the fund balance to fix up Oregon Corners and make it look nice.  He wants to replace the bridge (which is in Cortlandt) so that people can walk around.  Then he wants to relax the zoning and make George’s into a ……  service station.  What a novel concept.  This was his first assault on the ground and surface water law.  The second came at the faux Lake Peekskill district meeting. 

There have been 3 people showing interest in the Superstation, which is secret, because according to him it’s contractual, although if there were an application, the whole process would be public.  It is an odd aberration of Bob-O’s.  He can’t seem to figure out the difference between his law practice and public government.  It seems that those 3 people didn’t have enough funds for that  valuable real estate.  He said that there are only 2 gas stations in town, and we should rethink that.  Of course, there is a gas station just down the road from Oregon Corners, sort of within it, and another slightly more down the road, with service stations included.

Never mind the Peekskill Hollow Creek, or Peekskill’s water supply.  DEC regulations be damned.

There was the Comprehensive Plan that Bob-O has ignored.  It recommended a Master Plan for Oregon Corners. Bob-O nixed that.  That would mean listening to the public and business owners, definitely not his strong point.  He says that we have had lots of plans, but in reality, there has been no point at which we have had a planning process with the public and the business owners included.  Bob-O has excuses as to why the businesses fail, and why he can do nothing to help the area, except spend your tax dollars and denude the stream banks.

How about we have the Superstation building removed and reestablish the stream bank?  Haven’t the residents lived with it long enough?

Whatever happens, clearly public feedback is not needed.  Your money will be spent for Bob-O’s vision.  I’m sure that a gas station will be just the touch needed to beautify Oregon Corners.  And you will be able to walk alongside it.  Lovely.


Adopt cats.  Buy gas.  Save sea turtles.




  1. I sat through the meeting and “excruciating” does not even begin to describe it. The current cast of characters on the town board is the most loathesome group in the history of Put Valley, and that’s saying something. Not one of them has any concern for the taxpayers, nor do they pretend to. Jackie is the biggest hypocrite of all as she pretends to be a good Christian, God-fearing mom who loves her kids. Meanwhile she sees nothing wrong with forcing 2 senior citizens (the Cornu’s) out of their home for 3 years so that BIC’s buddies can accumulate hundreds of thousands in fees. There are no words to describe the miscreant MacKay who is amazingly taken with himself and seems to be vying with BIC for title of Most Despicable Board Member. Wendy is just collecting her salary and her benefits and Louie is waiting for the next political opportunity so he and his wife (assessor Sheryl) can advance their careers at the public trough.

    The worst thing of all is that NOBODY in this town except for Dawn and maybe a few others seems to care. I have never seen such apathy on the part of the electorate who put these thugs in office. I would say that they’re getting what they deserve, but the only problem is that I certainly don’t deserve to have to live in this lawless regime that is bankrupting its citizens.


  2. I don’t know how you sat through it. It was really intolerable.

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