Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 25, 2014

partial March 2013 TB

Bob-O says the Town has plenty of money in the fund balance to spruce up Oregon Corners.  He seems to want to start in the Cortlandt section with that small bridge. I’m sure that wetlands and the DEC stream are not part of his concept.  They never seem to be.  If you build it they will come or something. He wants to landscape the stream……  put up flower pots, and relax the zoning code. Wasn’t the Town Hall addition his last folly?

Bob-O wants to allow Mr. Palumbo to build an indoor soccer field on Peekskill Hollow Road, which is not allowed in the zoning code, in exchange for fixing up the Tompkins Corner Church. We seem to have an incentive zoning specialist attorney.

Bob-O says that we shouldn’t look at anonymous mailings.  Outlandish accusations, he says.  How else would we know what is going on?  I thought that Greg Ball would be his guy.  He mentioned both SamO and Mary Ellen Odell. SamO said the best state of the county address he has ever heard was Paul Eldridge’s.  So, can we have Paul as a candidate for that position?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were actually free speech and responsive representation in Putnam Valley and people weren’t afraid to put their name on their comments? 

Larry said that winter is over. He spoke too soon.

The “regular” meeting was a political show, albeit a bad one.

At the irregular work session, Bob-O actually managed to properly announce an executive session.  He had two, one on the Greenway Terrace contract, and one on possible litigation about the outdoor wood boiler law.  Didn’t the state code supercede our outdoor wood boiler law?

Wendy asked what the difference was between a 2 and a 3 bedroom house. Septic systems in wetlands maybe? That was regarding a request that town land be sold to an applicant who wants a bigger house near Lake Oscawana.

They appointed a new attorney for tax assessment challenges.

Louie voted on the ambulance corps contract.


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