Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 17, 2014

Wednesday Town Board Meeting

Part of Wed’s agenda.

Mr. Palumbo has wanted to put an indoor soccer building on his property  for awhile.  The original deal was for the Tompkins Corners Church.  Bob-O says he doesn’t know what the deal is this time. The soccer facility is there by a special use permit, and its last expansion was by approval of the Town Board.

Ms. Munsell wants to buy property on Eastern Road/Rockhill Road so that a proposed 2 bedroom house on the adjacent parcel can be a 3-4 bedroom house.

Oregon Corners discussion – Bob’s ideas have been working very effectively there, don’t ya think?

Under the exciting OSHA course description is a course in photovoltaics.  Do you think if we send someone, they can get that project done? 

Me either.

Lake Peekskill’s 2000 garbage truck will be sold for scrap.


7.   Discussion& Presentation on Proposed Incentive Zoning   
 8.   Discussion on Proposal to Purchase Town Property-S. Munsell

 9.   Amend Resolution # R14-110 Authorizing Supervisor to Sign a
 Extension of the Putnam Valley Ambulance Contract- Change
To Extension of the 2013 Contract on a Month to Month Basis
 Pending Resolution of Contractual Matters
10.  Discussion on Oregon Corners
11.  Authorization to attend OSHA 30 Hour Course- S. Manno

12. Parks & Recreation
a. Personnel Appointments
            b.   Refunds
            c.  Appoint Groundskeeper/Rec. Assistant


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