Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 24, 2014

February 2014 Town Board

Executive session about personnel, contractual, and possible litigation – City of Peekskill Wiccopee Reservoir, elicited by Eileen. 

16 employee salary changes added as an amendment to the agenda, so not posted in agenda documents.

There are secret negotiations regarding the garage at Oregon Corners and the Ingersoll House.  They believe there will be a sale in the Spring.  What I don’t understand about the secret negotiations is that any proposed use would need to go before the Planning Board and possibly the Zoning Board, so how can Bob-O and the county make any promises?

Tilly Foster Farm. what a mess. It could be such a wonderful asset to the residents.  The animals and farm implements are gone, and there has been no accounting.  Sam O voted against terminating the lease, until everything has been accounted for, 7-2 vote.

There will be significant cuts at the school, so Sam O is recommending that the public get involved in the budget process.

The library has limited service, the Mid Hudson system, pick up and return.  Check online.  They are hoping to start construction soon. 

Dr. Ruth will be at the ambulance corps on Sunday.


Putnam Valley no longer has the best bagels around.  Sad to say.  I have to change my tagline….


Adopt cats.  Save sea turtles.





  1. And in addition to all this worry, I think this state as well as many other states will have an enormous and costly undertaking in repaving the highways and local roads from this winter weather. And as any idiot can tell you asphalt doesn’t grow on trees. I will miss the bagel store too. Lizzie’s expanded their bread supply with a much larger bagel selection so you can restore the tag if you like. And thanks for your post. I will miss you too if you ever stop writing.

    • This has definitely been a tough year for the roads. As I recall, the highway department doesn’t have an adequate fund balance.
      I grew up with good bagels, so I think I’ll hold out. I do wish they would do something about the parking at Lizzie’s.


      • I have to take issue with the thought of a bagel ever being good and the intentions behind its invention for me. And yes, holding out must be the muscle of good intent, I have that as my own issue today as usual.
        Good Luck with oil consumption today. I am going to investigate the etymology of the word destiny to find out how close I get to its origin as I wait on its expiration for me.

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