Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 6, 2014

Questions asked in comment section

Specific answers to questions.

Where is the budget plan on
I was unable to find the budget on the town website. If anyone can locate it, please let us know.

Do they publish a tentative budget schedule that includes all the departments, revenue and expense projections?
During the budget process, (districts in August and town, highway and fire department in September through the day after Election Day) Marianne prints out copies of the budgets in its various stages. Bob-O puts out a preliminary budget and presents it to the town. That is put out after the departments and contractors present their requests to the Supervisor and Director of Finance. As the budget changes, Marianne prints out new copies for anyone who goes to the meetings or asks at her office. In addition, for at least one of the budget meetings, the tentative budget was posted in the agenda documents. It was not up there for all its versions. Those documents unfortunately are replaced with newer ones, and are not preserved on the website.
I do think that the final budget should be on the website, but you can send a FOIL request to Marianne at, and she will send you the budget. District budgets are separate. You can get the Lake Peekskill budget.

The $50,000 truck fund
That fund is still in the Lake Peekskill budget. The district purchased a new pick-up truck, then a new Kobota bobcat, then a new garbage truck.

Parks and Rec Day Camp
Camp Contract (Rent) $70, 195
Camp employees – $129,600
Camp equipment – $1800
Camp supplies – $35,000

Projected revenue $200,000



  1. Scratching my head….so the camp costs $236,595 and the projected revenue is $200,000.

  2. Thank you very much , very resourceful. It sounds like I have to attend every budget meeting next year. Get my own pile of paperwork. But the final product is a start for this year. Thank you again.

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