Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 30, 2014

Comparison 2013 and 2014


2013 organization meeting minutes are on the town website.  I understand that inquiring minds want to know about the $130 and $10 increases, and the proposed $550 give or take for the TB members that didn’t make the final budget, and the $40 proposed raise for Jackie that didn’t make it either, but I do think that the rest of the budget deserves a glance.

This is what I’ve got so far.

Town Supervisor Robert Tendy   2013 $70700                  2014   $72,528

    Budget Office Robert Tendy                  7352.80                             7,362 amended to 7,646.91                                       


Town Board                                                 13,130                               13,130

Deputy Supervisor Jackie Annabi               1,010                                    1,010


Secretary to the Supervisor Beverly Kelly$35,486.71                    36,906


Director of Finance Marianne DeSantis    $67,561.81                     70,264

New Job Assistant Finance Director     Maria Endinico                    40,303

Highway Superintendent                              $78,780                          82,680

Town Justices                                                    20,259.84                     21,070

     Gina Capone, Louis DiCarlo


Town Clerk Eileen Royael                                61,584.46                     64,047

Registrar  Eileen Royael                                        761.28                           771

Tax Receiver Eileen Royael                                 1515                               1619                   


 Part time   Town Clerk  Maria Angelico             $11.11   per hour        11.50

    Highway Department  Cathy Cobb                  16.21    per hour         16.86 

    Town Clerk   Kimberly McKeown                   $10.10    per hour         10.50

    Zoning Clerk  Nicole Prontelli                          $12.94    per hour        13.46

    Building Dept.   Bette Stockinger                   $16.21    per hour  2014 terminated

    Supervisor’s Office Mary Ulrich                        13.33                              13.87  

    Cathy Diamedes                                                                                           11.50


Attorney to the Town  William Zutt Esq.    $85,000           2014 $85,000

Town Prosecutor   Gordon Fine, Esq          $17,400                       17,400

Town Engineer   J. Robert Folchetti and Associates  $ 1,500 a month   2014 $1,500 a month

            J. Robert Folchetti and Associates to prepare NYSDEC MS4 Report and the Municipal Compliance                      

                                  Certication for 2013 $8,500.00     2014 $8500


Building Inspector  John Landi $ 52,520                               2014 52,520

   Fire Prevention Inspector John Landi $ 5,304.52                         5304

   Pump Station Custodian  John Landi   $ 3,988                              4187

   Gas Inspector, for 2014                                                                     3000


2014 Deputy Zoning and Fire Inspector $29.12 per hour, then terminated at 1/15 meeting



Recreation Director   Frank DiMarco $66,967.07             2014  $ 69,645

Facilities Manager Susan Manno        $53,588.38                            55,731                   

Assessor Sheryl Luongo                        $ 56,546.18                            58,808

Videographer  Maryann Arrien            $54,421.83                             56,798


Webmaster Glen Baisley $6,360 for the year or payment not to exceed $530.00 a month. This contract will also include an additional maximum amount of $900 for equipment and maintenance if needed.

     Same for 2014

Dam Custodian (RB)  Ron Fiorentino  $800.00                                 1000       

Wetlands Inspector Bruce Barber          $85.00 an hour                      85/hr

Town Planner Kellard Sessions Consulting $ 1,500 a month


 Mileage Reimbursement rate at 56.5 cents/mi, the established State Rate for 2013. 56 cents/mi in 2014


Putnam Valley Volunteer Ambulance Corps contract for one month at the cost of $20,491.08 pending        

 further discussion.             2014 $245,292


Putnam Valley Volunteer Fire Department                   $783,298         $832,670

 Putnam Valley Historical Society                                      $10,500           $11,000  

Putnam Valley Senior Citizens                                               $9,000               9,000

 Putnam Valley Library                                                     $ 272,850.00       278,307        


 Putnam Valley Veterans of Foreign War                             $1,500            1,500

Putnam Valley American Legion Post 2013                          $1,000            1,000


transfer station property located at Kramers Pond Road and owned by Herbert Orlando, H. Peter      Orlando and Annette Orlando                   $32,500             2014      35,000


2013 Hydro Environmental Solutions, Inc. to perform the quarterly sampling of the Town Hall Supply Well for 2013, annual cost $3,790.00; associated Laboratory fees in the amount of $739.00 to be paid by the town

Hydro Environmental Solutions, Inc. to perform the quarterly sampling of groundwater for road salt in   the Crofts Corners area, annual cost no more than $5,832.50; associated laboratory fees in the amount of no more than $2,208.00

 Hydro Environmental Solutions, Inc. to perform quarterly water analysis on catch basin inserts in the Lake Districts. Cost for this service, $2,900.00; associated laboratory fees in the amount of $1,680.00 to be paid by the town.


2014 Hydro Environmental Solutions

$3790 for Town Hall + lab $619 +  $5832 for Crofts Corners + lab $2208; catch basin inserts $2900 + lab $1680.






  1. Where is the budget plan on Do they publish a tentative budget schedule that includes all the departments revenue and expense projections? Do they have district budgets on the website that show incorporation into the town as a whole. I couldn’t find it. I say this in particular to address that pesky 50000 dollar truck thing that becomes a sore point every year for me in the garbage district of LP. I come here for help as usual, sorry. While salaries and other forms of social compensation are what everyone needs to keep it all going I just wanted to look at revenue for certain park programs and the rent expense for the town to camp land owners and definitely the finance department looks like its in critical response and last but never least our quasi governmental response services(environmental, fire, and ambulance to name a few) should be harshly watched for their super ego response to all that they accomplish and do. And that’s Just the tip of the iceberg for me right now. Dollars and no sense soon after too. Sorry again for the incongruous meandering rant and as ever thank you for your time Dawn Powell, DC.

  2. You’re welcome. I know that I FOILed the summary page of the final LP budget, but I haven’t located it. The town budget was in meeting documents in one of its iterations but those documents disappear. I’m not sure if the budgets make it into the meeting minutes. I’ll look.

    • OK thank you. I will look for meeting minutes archives on our town website again

  3. I can’t find the budget online. There are no documents in the minutes.

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