Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 27, 2014


My mistake. Apparently, the 1% raise was in 2013, not 2014. So I wrongly accused Mr. MacKay of lying about it. My apologies.

This was the lie.

“I am a fiscal conservative, have never taken a raise while in office, and don’t intend to now.”

That line was in an extraordinarily misleading email that was sent out just before the election. Wendy Whetsel said that.

As I said, why lie about $130?

I am not sure the $10 raise for Jackie was this year or last. The Deputy Supe extra is $1010.

So Bob-O got this year’s raise.

Jimmy Jackson is back on the ZBA.

Bob-O got authorization for the easement and execution of the stormwater retrofit project.

Litigation with the DEC and town and Cimarron Ranch.

And an executive session on Cimarron litigation, and a personnel matter at the irregular meeting.


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