Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 21, 2014

Reorg 2014…..

Where have all the meetings gone? Didn’t somebody write a song about that?

2 amendments to the agenda, an improperly announced exec session on litigation and contractual and charges for emergency ambulance service. Some things never change. A lot never changes.


Director of Finance $70,264
Supervisor $$72,528 plus Budget Officer $7362, except he meant to give himself $7646.91. He gave himself the rest of that raise at the last regular TB meeting.
Town Board $13,130
Highway Superintendent $82,680
Judges $21,070
Town Clerk $$64,047 + Registrar and Records Management $771 + Tax Receiver $3619

Actually contracts, not salaries – Attorney to the Town
$85,000 – I had heard awhile back that Mr. Zutt had an accepted offer on his house, but he is reupping.
Prosecutor – $17,400
J.Robert Folchetti and Assoc. $1500 for PB, $8500 for MS4

Bette Stockinger terminated as part time employee in building department.

Part time Cathy Cobb $16.86, Cathy Diamedes $11.50, Kim McKewon $10.50, Nicole Prontelli $13.46, Mary Ulrich $13.87

Building Inspector $52,520 + Fire Prevention Inspector $5304, Pump Station Custodian $4187 + Gas Inspector $3000

Deputy Zoning and Fire Inspector $29.12 per hour
Director of Parks and Recreation $69,645
Facilities Manager or Office Manager $55,731
Assessor $58,808
Videographer $56,798
New Position created – Assistant Finance Director $40,303
Webmaster $6360 + $900 equipment or maintenance

Roaring Brook Dam Custodian $1000
Wetlands Inspector $85/hr. 1 year contract. I thought that Town Code specified a 2 year contract.

Town Planner as per contract – now that was informative.

Mileage Reimbursement $.56/mile

ambulance corps $245,292
+ the Town will charge for emergency ambulance transport. They did not specify their charge, but JA said something about $11/hour. My concern is privacy, to which EMT are held, but not the town. Someone received a building violation after a 911 call and ambulance transport. The town should never have access to medical information or information obtained during emergency transport.

Fire Department – $832,670
Historic Society $11K
Senior Citizens $9k
Library $278,307
VFW $1500 – Odd, there was no mention of the political use of the hall and non-profit organization
American Legion $1000
Transfer station, owned by Herbie, Annette, and HP Orlando $35K – That’s you Lake Peekskill, for garbage transfer.
Hydroenvironmental Environmental Solutions
$3790 for Town Hall + lab $619: $5832 for Crofts Corners + lab $2208; catch basin inserts $2900 + lab $1680.

Office of the Aging – Senior Outreach Worker $15k

They appointed a Chair to the Ethics Board. I thought the Ethics Board was supposed to choose their own. They appointed 2 members for the same terms. Weren’t those supposed to be staggered?
They appointed ZBA members for the same terms. Those are supposed to be staggered by state law.
Is Dale Philips new, or just not listed on website in the past? And Fred is back, but not at this meeting. Same terms for CCE and Arts. I don’t remember what the Code says about those terms.

They set Town fees. Eileen said they were available on the town website, but I don’t know where.

Bob-O was in such a rush that Eileen had to remind him to have motions seconded and vote. Who really needs votes anymore?

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.



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