Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 9, 2014

PC politics, elections 2014

Elections 2014

There is already a lot going on.  A lot of deal making or breaking behind the scenes.

This is a link to an article in NY magazine that mentions a lot of the players, and also gives you an idea of how politics is played in Putnam County.  

Last election a Sheriff was selected for us.  Someone stepped up, then stepped back, and by the time there was an election, there was only one candidate on the ballot.  As in Putnam Valley, some are very happy with this arrangement.  

The County Executive race is in play this year.  There has already been a lot of politics.  County Legislator Oliverio and State Senator Greg Ball have been making noises about a run against Mary Ellen Odell.  Sheriff Smith and Roger Ailes are on the same side, and it should be interesting to see what comes of the alliances formed.

PC DA Adam Levy is not on that side.


Adopt cats.  Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.





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