Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 7, 2013

Thinking about roads

In reference to fracking fluids on roads, Bob-O said that they (presumably the Town Board) had decided that they would only discuss local issues.  He apparently doesn’t believe that fracking fluid on the roads is a local issue.  He seems to be a fracking supporter anyway.  I wonder who decides what is a local issue.

On the same subject, he said that. “A resolution is only a resolution.  It is not a law.”  So why do they pass so many resolutions? 

On the subject of roads, where are those weight limit signs on Peekskill Hollow Road, and how many politicians does it take to put a weight limit on a county road?  It is a riddle but I don’t know the answer.

The Peekskill Hollow Road renovations are on the calendar for 2015.  What renovations that would be is a riddle too, 





  1. Lake Peekskill will be suffering from an oil spill that happened either yesterday or this morning. I walked a loop near my house today and there was a slick film of effluent all over the roads. I was sliding and slipping without exaggeration everywhere. One of the highway fellows was nice enough to tell me that one of the trucks hydraulic system broke and the driver was unaware that the contents emptied onto the streets. Not only is it pollution to our earth it is presently a driving hazard too. Both the highway worker and the administrative staff person I spoke to were kind and patiently listened to me but ultimately what recourse do we have to undo the toxicity of this accident. Fracking is a nightmare to me and legislators will create dialogue for it…again. Thank you for posting so that I have an outlet for my tale of woe and have a safe commute.

    • On what street was the spill? Was there any cleanup?

  2. I was walking on Walnut, Becker and Johnson. It was quite a mess from other cars tracking through it. Larry Cobb reported back to me that they poured sand to absorb the spill.

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