Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 21, 2013

November Irregular 2013

They passed their budget. Bob-O says that there was “an awful lot of discussion” and that it was tight. I seemed to have missed that. Raises all around.

They lost no time in approving incentive zoning concept for a cemetery on the north side of Mill Street. Cemeteries do not pay property taxes, and they are not permitted in our zoning. Seems like the win here is not for the taxpayers.

I’m not sure why we should care that NYS wants to see a cemetery expansion. They will not be paying for it.

Parks and Rec – a dump truck for $38,400 plus 3.37% interest. And $26,900 to Marone Plumbing for a heating system for the new and improved pole barn at the park. There were no other bids.

There was a lot of talk about what is going on at the library. Maybe we could put them in the bays at the Oregon Corners’ garage!

And the beat goes on…


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