Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 17, 2013

The Shunning – A holiday horror spectacular.

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The museum up on Peekskill Hollow Road, is owned by the town, or paid for by the town, but run by one of those public/private entities that never seem to work. We pay for it, but have nothing to say about it. I don’t actually want more say. I’d prefer that a private non-profit take over.

A citizen FOILed (freedom of information law – the public actually has the right to know) the salary of the museum director which is now at about $12k per year. Then she made an inquiry or complaint – I don’t know which – to the “ethics” board because the museum director is the daughter of the historic society president who is also a town employee. Well, why pick on them. It is the Putnam Valley way.

Of course, the “ethics” board had no problem with that, but the citizen is now excluded from participation in the historic society’s annual holiday sale, despite 10 years of past participation. I doubt if the “ethics” board would have a problem with the retaliation either.

Nice holiday spirit. Nice suppression of free speech. Oh right, it’s Putnam Valley. If you don’t like someone, or you disagree, just shun them.

I don’t recall which of them is Chair of the “ethics” board now, but it doesn’t much seem to matter.

One of the “ethics” group was Leibell’s right hand man, also on a retirement pension from the county, also the secretary or some such of the county Republican party, also the attorney for the county legislature, coincidentally the person who signed the cover sheet for one set of nominating petitions that I challenged. One is the Bishop who worked out of his house on Harrimac, who said things one way in an “ethics” decision, then the opposite way in his sworn statement to the court. And another is the other witness in the room, who knows what was said, but had no objection to the change stated in the sworn statement. Then there is the one who got appointed to the “ethics” board, then ran for office at the same time, with the same ones who appointed her. This is the “ethics” board that Wendy touts as her crowning achievement. That is where said citizen made her mistake, going to these people.

What is the point here? To punish the citizen? To let us all know who is in charge? To suppress free speech? To ensure that the museum never succeeds at anything, but sucks money away from the taxpayers? To start the holiday season out in the right spirit? To maintain power over a very, very small fiefdom? It certainly is not ethics or the positive promotion of the historic society or the enhancement of the museum.

Putnam Valley and Putnam County seem to be worth all kinds of power plays. We live in such an important place with such important people.

Picket signs might actually bring the histericals more publicity than they have ever had.

Adopt cats.




  1. This is just one small, teeny tiny example of the kind of wrong-doing that is the new normal for our town. The BIC Tendy and his accomplices on the town board have shredded the Constitutional protections that are supposed to protect citizens like me. There are numerous laws in place to prevent retaliation from government or quasi-government officials acting “under color of law” against citizens who exercise their rights to find out about how the government spends their money. My complaint to the make believe ethics board was just due diligence – you can’t take it to the State agencies till you go through the motions at the town level.

    Will be interesting to see how Tendy et al feel when the AG starts asking for information. I’m sure he won’t need to file a FOIL request.

    • Speaking of which, where did the Hudson Valley Reporter article about Compton Spain and James Maxwell go. They and some others are being sued for $300 miilion for harassment. The lawsuit was brought by the Mahopac Marina owners. They apparently have the wrong political opinions. The court papers would be public information, so we can get that. So why would the article disappear?

      In case you don’t remember Mr. Spain and Mr. Maxwell signed the nomination form for the Putnam Valley Conservative Caucus, even though they aren’t from Putnam Valley.

      They didn’t include the caucus address, so maybe they weren’t even there.

      Doesn’t seem right.

      • Even the newspapers are afraid of being sued in Putnam County which is controlled by Club Putnam from top to bottom, including the judges who are nothing more than successful politicians. It costs a lot to defend yourself, even if you’re right. Meanwhile, the bunch of lawyers who will be suing you are doing it on their own dime.

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