Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 15, 2013

Town Board raises

Why would MacKay and Whetsel lie about $130?



  1. Regarding the question about lies and lying- the answer is obvious. We now have a supervisor and town board that is so morally bankrupt, that they can no longer tell fact from fiction, truth from untruth; nor do they care. This group is about the most loathsome and reprehensible in the history of Putnam Valley, and thanks to the drones who keep electing them and re-electing them, our town has been cast back into the Dark Ages again, where few have the courage or the will to stand up for what is right. For that matter, nobody but Dawn Powell and a very few others are even talking about all the wrongdoing that’s being perpetrated. I wonder what it takes to get the taxpayers excited these days. Are they all so jaded that they just don’t give a damn? Hypnotized by one of the many screens they look at all day long?

    The latest fiasco I’m involved with concerns the Putnam Valley Historical Society- another not for profit corporation that is a quasi town agency, paid for with our money, that operates in the shadows. The main players are Parks and Rec honcho Phil Keating, P&R employee Sherry Howard and some other familiar faces from the ruling junta.

    The big story here is that the “director” of the PVHS “museum” is none other than Kelly Howard, daughter of the aforementioned board member Sherry, who gets about $12 grand a year for running the make believe museum over at Adams Corner. Awhile back I started filing FOIL requests to obtain financial information about the PVHS and Director Kelly. I had first hand experience dealing with her as a vendor at the annual holiday boutique which seemed to be one of the few things that Kelly actually did during the year. More on that later.

    Keep in mind that this is “director” job is basically a gig where you pretty much get to do whatever you want, when you want as there are no set hours and no oversight to speak of.

    But I digress. After obtaining the financials, I then put together a formal complaint which I submitted to the Town Ethics Board which is run by the consigliere of disgraced former Senator Leibell, Clem Van Ross. You can imagine how much confidence I had bringing my complaint to this board, but it was a necessary step prior to going to the State agency that handles public integrity or the lack thereof.

    After several months, the Ethics Board, as expected, exonerated the PVHS from any perceived wrongdoing, basically finding that of course there’s no conflict of interest, nothing wrong with the daughter of a board member who also works for the town, being appointed to a job (apparently permanently), with a salary paid by taxpayer money, that was not advertised, for which there are no objective standards and from which she can never be fired as there are no real qualifications either. See how it works?

    Fast forward to November, 2013 when preparations are being made for the annual PVHS holiday boutique where I have been selling my wares as a vendor for over 10 years. I was not invited to attend, not did I receive any notification until I wrote a letter to Kelly and her mom asking what was going on. Much to my surprise, my letter was answered by Phil Keating who informed me that since they were going in a “new direction” and claiming that they had only sold a “few” of my items each year, they were giving my space to one of the other vendors who no doubt were beating their doors down for the privilege of being about to make a few bucks selling their handmade clothespins or whatever.

    The fact is that I have always been a top seller at this rather pitiful event, not that that’s saying much; however, I was glad to be able to unload some of my lesser merchandise from my shop. It’s not really the money that irks me; rather it’s the arrogance of power in this town– if I ask questions or make comments at a town board meeting, it’s hate speech. If I file an ethics complaint then I can no longer be a vendor at a town function.

    Civil rights? What civil rights?

    • Are you serious bro? Wow.

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