Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 11, 2013

Why was there a special TB meeting the night after the election?

And it was amazing.

Everything that is wrong with Putnam Valley town government in five easy pieces.

Before the second budget meeting, they had all illegally discussed overriding the tax cap before the second budget meeting, but I guess they don’t listen to themselves because overriding the cap required a special meeting on the 6th.

Wendy seems to believe that they are raising the taxes $7 per household. That’s not accurate.

And they are still pretending that they are only raising the amount raised by taxes by 2%. Don’t believe that either.

If you ask questions about the fire department budget, apparently that is hate speech. Huh?? What is wrong with these people?

I do wish that the tb was as organized as Frank Tansey (of the fd) with the equipment replacement schedules, and the equipment maintenance.

The very clear point was that the tb is signing a contract for almost a million dollars with absolutely no idea of what is being spent, and they are loathe to find out.

And from what the director of parks and rec said, the fire insurance money was spent on equipment for the park, not the gorgeous building, but they didn’t seem to hear that.

Bill Zutt seems to think that it would be irresponsible for the tb not to vote to override the tax cap. Even though they did vote to override, they still don’t have to override the cap. But that reasoning doesn’t work because they would have to want to do something about this budget, and they haven’t bothered for a month.

Then Bob-O launched into his best Sam Davis property tax reform speech. Made me laugh.

It was the only comic relief though, so if you are going to watch the meeting, have a glass of wine first. You will need it.

Patty V. did a good job of sticking up for the taxpayers. After she left Bob-O felt the need to be abusive, said she was wildly inappropriate. He doesn’t actually believe in free speech and only puts up with a small amount.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.




  1. Here’s a follow up on the Putnam Valley Way, aka, Business as Usual in PV. Every year the PV Historical Society has a holiday boutique that is run by whomever the director is. I have been a vendor at that event for over 10 years and I sell my handmade goods and excess inventory from my shop with great success. This past year I filed with the Town Ethics Board (sic) what was supposed to be an anonymous complaint about the Historical Society. I did this prior to sending my complaint to the State Commission on Government Integrity, but I digress on the matter at hand.

    The gist of my complaint was and is this: the daughter of a longtime town employee, both of whom shall remain nameless for obvious reasons, has been the paid Director of the PVHS for several years and receives a salary of over $10,000 per year for what is basically in my OPINION, a no show job. To add insult to injury, the mother of the Director also sits on the board of directors of the same PVHS that appointed said daughter to the position. (By the way, the board looks like a roster of PV elites and other town employees.).

    If that sounds a little weird (for want of a better word) to you, it did to me too, so after I did some investigation via FOIL, and got some more of the details, such that I decided to file a complaint, which I was assured by the Ethics Board members, would remain anonymous, on the theory that there just might be a conflict of interest. In case you’re wondering, the EB decided after months of deliberation, that there’s nothing wrong here, just move along. Surprise!

    So- what does this all mean? Today as I was driving home, I noticed the marquee at the Museum, advertising for the upcoming Holiday Boutique. Can anyone say “Patty won’t be participating this year?”

    • Truly in the spirit of Thankgiving, Christmas, and Hannukah. You are not allowed to question. Follow blindly until they throw you out of your home. They will shun you until then.

      I still haven’t recovered from the hate speech speech.

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