Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 6, 2013

The tax increase your neighbors just voted in.

The town total assessment for 2013 was $1,534,225,391. For 2012, it was $1,588,351,433.
If the total raised by taxes remained the same, you would still have to make up the percentage that the $541,216,042 contributed.

It will not remain the same. Bob has an almost 4% increase in the town taxes, and they will override the tax cap next week. There is a public hearing tonight, but I’m taking the night off, and I bet almost everyone will.

Add to that Lake Peekskill and Mill Ponds will take a hit.

I heard from a Supe elsewhere who has more than a 2% cut in his budget, with a new Town Hall, 2 trail bridges, and a 2% increase for employees. It can be done.

Aside from taxes, Bob-O does not believe in global warming, he supports fracking and will not pass a resolution to keep fracking fluids off our roads, He says a resolution is just a resolution. It is not a law.



  1. Tonight I attended the public hearings for the town budget, the FD budget and the Board’s decision to override the State mandated tax cap which is about 2%. Unfortunately, I was the only member of the public who was there and I’m sure that this was not lost on our newly elected and incumbent Rulers whose disdain for the taxpayers of this town is exceeded only by their arrogance and incompetence. I urge anyone who reads this blog to watch the meeting on cable so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about.

    Supreme Leader Tendy, aka BIC or Bully in Chief, is de factor running this town. Not one board member, male or female has the courage to disagree with anything he says or does. Period. He read the first item which was a local law to override the tax cap. Then he asked town attorney (and enabler) Zutt to explain what it meant in layman’s terms. Zutt basically repeated what Tendy said in terms that were no clearer than what had been read. BIC asked for comments and I went up to say my piece. Which was basically this: this town board is unable to control their spending, which is totally out of control. The state legislature put a cap in place because NY’s taxes are some of the highest in the nation. At a time when many people in town have to decide whether ot pay for heat or their mortgage, the Town departments can’t even cut 5% from their own budgets. So instead of bragging that they ONLY raised taxes by 2% or whatever their BS is, they should be ashamed of themselves for not cutting expenses and LOWERING our taxes. There was also some talk about the fund balance and how important it is to have a reserve. Marianne Desantis, our highly paid budget officer and general Tendy flak catcher, admitted that the state suggests a fund balance of 10 to 15% of the budget, which is basically what’s there. At this point I asked, well what is the Fire Department fund balance? And BIC would not let her answer or entertain the question himself, stating that I had to wait for the next item.

    OK. No problemo, because the next public hearing was on the FD budget, which is the main reason I decided to go to this dog and pony show in the first place. I went up to the podium and said that on November 1st I had sent a letter to Tendy & the town board asking certain questions about the FD budget, including what is the current fund balance and also what are their expenses and receipts. Not one person answered me and in fact, Tendy said that I was basically too lazy to file a FOIL request and that I should get the information myself! At this point, I felt like my head was going to explode, but I patiently explained to the BIC that no, it is most certainly NOT my job to ascertain this information, but rather, it is HIS obligation and that of the town board who are the elected officials, and who are the ones who determine the budget.

    BIC then claimed that he didn’t know what the fund balance is, and if on cue, he turned to Flak Catcher DeSantis and said, Marianne, just what is the fund balance for the Fire Department? To which she responded, Negative $54,000. Tendy smirked as did his colleagues, and I immediately saw through Desantis’s treachery. She was referring to the FIRE DISTRICT, not the FIRE DEPARTMENT, which is the entity that we pay almost $1 million dollars a year to fight almost non-existent fires in our town.

    Once again, I asked the question, and once again, Tendy lied through his side whiskers and said he didn’t know and that because the FD was a private corporation, it would be like him asking AAA Carting to open up their books.

    Not so I replied, there are laws on the books that deal with this. Again, BIC claimed to have no knowledge about this. I responded, well you are a lawyer and the chief budget officer, you are therefore incompetent. However, I did have a copy of the law with me, and started to read it to him. FYI, it’s Section 1402 of the NYS Not for Profit Corporation Law which deals specifically with fire departments and gives town board the absolute authority over their operations and finances.

    Fire Department honchos Frank Tansey and Mr. La Porte were in attendance and the information finally was revealed as I relentlessly continue to press the issue. Here’s the bottom line:

    1. Tendy and the Board were given audited statements from the FD back in June that contained the fund balance and all of the expenditures and receipts. I guess they all forgot.

    2. As of tonight, November 6, 2013 there is over $2 million dollars in the FD fund balance. Tansey said that they will be spending over almost a million on trucks or something by the end of next week so they will be down to just over $1 million IN FUND BALANCE.

    3. On top of that, they have asked the town board to give them $997,670 in 2014 as and for their budget. This is $14,000 more than they got last year.
    So you see how they’re playing this. They want to make sure that they have a couple of million in reserve for the next time they start making noise about their new country club. Oops, I mean fire station.

    This is just ONE example of what’s going on in this screwed up town. I give Dawn a lot of credit for getting 650 votes this election. Just imagine what we could do if we were able to bring out even HALF of the eligible voters who care about where their money is going. As it stands today, that seems to be an impossible dream. I see nothing but apathy. Nobody gives a goddamn which is why BIC will probably get his wish and remain dictator for life. Did you know that there are no term limits?

    • Thanks for going. I appreciate it, and for persisting in digging out information from public officials who are so secretive and ill-prepared.

  2. Dawn- Many thanks to you for making the run, even though we knew how difficult it was going to be. I feel that you are one of the very, very few who remains interested and engaged in what is happening in PV and this screwed up County. Even though you got the ballot lines fair and square, your own party members were not supportive. Wendy Whetsel ran as part of the Tendy Team and is a Dem in name only. Jackie Annabi, your other opponent, is a dyed in the wool member of Club Putnam with the Sayegh lineage to prove it. All of the articles we are now seeing about the Smith/ Levy debacle are only the tip of the iceberg. Smith likes to say there’s something rotten in Denmark. I say that the fish rots from the head down and the stink coming out of Carmel is truly sickening.

    • Thanks Patty,
      I received some very positive feedback on my candidacy. We need to support candidates on the ballot who don’t think that petitions fraud, secret judicial proceedings, backroom meetings, and questionable hiring practices should rule the day. For anyone not following the Smith/Levy mess, Hudson Valley Reporter is covering it well. It is the short course in Putnam County/Putnam Valley politics.

      • No one is above the law,no matter who their mommy is.

      • I think that in Putnam Valley there are some people who are above the law.

      • I’m glad to see that at least someone is reading this blog! Tendy, Annabi & Co. are riding high, claiming some great victory when they had minimal if any competition on the ballot. Dawn did very well getting 650 votes going up against the Establishment, aka the Put Valley branch of Club Putnam. Make no mistake about it, these guys are in it up to their eyeballs and Jackie wants you to think that she’s this God-fearing, do no wrong soccer mom, when in fact she is Tendy’s biggest mouthpiece pure and simple.

        Don’t forget that this Establishment has made it virtually impossible for people to run against them, regardless of party. I guarantee you that every town, county and school district employee plus their families, are voting for whoever will best take of them. That means guaranteed salaries and benefits that those of us in the private sector can only dream about. Does anyone really believe that Tendy could earn over $70 grand as a hack lawyer, which he is? Or look at Larry Cobb and the highway department crew- put out want ads for those jobs in the Pennysaver and the line of qualified applicants would stretch down to Oregon Corners. Guys willing to work for half what the Town is paying, and happy to have a job. Forget about the benefits.

        Dawn and I are trying to get the word out. People are starting to listen, and pay attention- but not nearly enough. If we could get 10 good people to commit to going to town board meetings, you’d be amazed at what a difference it would make!! As long as it’s just me, they don’t give a damn. What none of them understands however, is that I don’t care if it is just me at a meeting, standing up to them and calling them out for the bullies and sycophants they are.

        They should be embarrassed to be on video- Louie looks like he’s pregnant and McKay smirks and babbles incoherently like the idiot he is. Wendy and Jackie need to get an appointment on “What not to Wear” and all I can say about the BIC- the side whiskers went out with Charles Dickens.

        The point I’m trying to make is that there’s nothing to be afraid of, people! LIke Dawn says, these clowns are our neighbors. They have no magical powers, just the ability to get elected and re-elected in a crooked process that favors the incumbent.

        There is strength in numbers. Start coming to meetings. I appreciate all the calls and emails off line, but all of you need to join us and speak out.

  3. As anyone who reads this knows, I’ve been involved in town politics, well, forever. Or at least the past quarter century. I’ve seen it all from helping to elect people to office, to running for office myself and everything in between. Most importantly, I have always been a taxpayer advocate and that was way before anybody heard of the Tea Party.

    To put it bluntly, the taxpayers, aka “tax slaves” of this town and county, are being raped with abandon by the elected officials of both parties who agree on one important point: it’s oh so easy to spend other people’s money.

    Bob Tendy, Jackie Annabi, Wendy Whetsel and the other two jerks are counting on the fact that except for Dawn, me and a very few others, nobody in town seems to give a damn about where there money is going, how much is being extracted from them, or any aspect of town government.

    I don’t know what we have to do to get the attention of the rest of PV but I can tell you this: ignore what’s going on at your peril, because by the time you guys wake up, it will be over.

  4. All I know is when we moved here same small house, was $2,600 in taxes we had a police department and bussed kids to another school. We have no kids. This new school has taking our taxes up passed 14 THOUSAND dollars.
    Our ” town” has really nothing in it. We are disgusted on how a small house can jump so high.
    Something has to be done.

    I wonder how many students we have going to this fancy school which has all our taxes going for just that. The town taxes aren’t much.
    Change is needed desperately. But is saddens me that no one really gets up and talks at these public meetings.

    I do see patty v. And I think it is disgraceful how she is treated. Whether you like her style or not…. Taxes are high, for a town that has nothing in it except a post office,deli,bar,liquor store, bank, and a struggling bagel store.

    I hope that more get involved in changing things in PV to make TAXES more affordable to lIve in this town.
    I have little faith in things changing, makes no difference to me republican or Democrat it is getting harder to live with these high taxes but is anyone listening?

    Real estate brokers thought a big high school would be great. I like my taxes back when they were $2,600 now for get about it.

    I wish we had someone revamp our town, but it’s been a lot of talk for many years. Bad planning, streets what ever. I see no relief in site.
    Was I happy to vote in this election


    Also will Putnam County ever address the wide spread of Lyme Disease?
    Putnam Valley have they done anything?

    It is a sad time never would I have moved here if I knew taxes would increase so much. Say it’s everywhere. I am talking about here!

    But it seems that Governments, towns are just moving folks OUT of NYS.
    We have had enough!Any answers I will not hold my breath!

  5. I was a lurker on the now defunct Putnam Valley lohud forum. That was a useful place for PV residents to exchange views on town government, the school district, etc. This site, hosted by Dawn Powell, is a successor to that forum. I hope that others from that lohud forum start posting here as well. Pizza Valley, where are you?

    Although I have taken exception from time to time, I have always admired Patty Villanova’s willingness to speak her piece. She speaks for more people than she realizes. Too bad that she was conspired against four years ago in her try for election to the Town Board. She might have given some of the others some spine in standing up to Tendy. Regrettably, there is no opposition faction on the Town Board at present. What a bunch of weasels! Dawn’s recent run and her having attracted 650 voters is a base on which I hope that we can build.

    Patty, please keep raising the issue of spending, taxation, and fiscal accountability in Putnam Valley. These are the central issues that affect everyone in town. We need someone to do likewise with regard to the school district. Let’s hope that our current circumstances represent a low point, with more residents coming to their senses before the next election.

    Whistling Willie

    • Willie- glad to find you commenting here. It would great if Pizza Valley would make a guest appearance too! Let’s get the word out and get the conversation started.

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