Posted by: Dawn Powell | November 6, 2013



This is the sign across from the high school. It is posted on a utility pole, which is on county right of way. Complaints have yielded the opinion that it is illegal and should be removed. Chrissie Derrico supporters posted one of her signs in front of the pole, and it was removed. Political signs are constitutional free speech. It is a crime to remove them.



  1. Political signs constitute visual blight. “Vote for Dawn Powell” conveys no useful information that would enable a voter to make an informed choice. I detest how such signs clutter the road side. But I do commend you for having removed your signs so quickly after the election.

    Whistling Willie

    • You certainly can’t criticize me for not giving information. I have been all about information.

      Signs let voters know that there is an election and who is in that election. It would be nice to have more participation in local elections. Why single out “Vote for Dawn Powell?” And why not mention the signs that were up illegally between the primary and general elections?

      It would be nice if they could be recycled up here.

      But, still, not the point. One individual who holds himself to be above the law, should not be permitted to deny free speech in this county. And someone who thinks that there is good law enforcement here should take this sign down, and the sign thief should be punished.

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