Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 25, 2013

October 2013 Tax Increases

Remember in high school, when you didn’t know why you needed to take math, or what it had to do with your life.

The Putnam Valley budget.

The town budget increase is 3.8922%. The highway budget increase is 2.1866%. The fire department came in at a modest 1.4616% increase. Marianne tells us that the tax cap is now 1.66%, not 2%. Not that it matters. They will override it anyway. They have made very few changes in the budgets during their brief work sessions.

You may hear Bob-O talking about a 2.1% increase, (actually 2.812) but oddly, that includes the district budgets. Marianne said that a few times at the last town budget “work session,” but it never seemed to be acknowledged. It is a peculiar trick, since the district budgets do not affect anyone who is not in that particular district.

So, say you live in Lake Peekskill. Marianne provided the assessment figures on request. The total assessment for all the properties in Lake Peekskill in 2014 is $196,606,208 . For 2013, it was $200,559,282. Now that is why your high school math comes in handy. If your assessment stayed the same, and your district taxes didn’t go up, you just got hit with a hefty tax increase. If your assessment went up, you got hit with an even bigger tax increase.

Add to that a 3.8922% town tax increase, (not including for the moment the highway and fire department which will actually lower you tax increase this year), you are looking at a good chunk of change for your tax increase.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles (it is cold stun season).




  1. Do you remember what year we changed the valuation process that gave us our assessments at full market value. Maybe 2005? I would like to see the total district assessments for each of the districts from as far back as they go. Not for any purpose other than to read into them and justify patterns I think I see. Thanks for this post it was engaging.
    Right now I am reading about school shootings in the United States. Only one source so far, Wikipedia. If its accurate there is a statistical correlation of shooting anomaly I was reaching for between the first decade of the 1900’s and the present decade we are in. But statistics are a cold dead way to study history. Its a morbid pastime death and taxes for me.

  2. I don’t quite remember – 2005 or 2006? Wasn’t Ed Vreeland the assessor when the change was made?

  3. Yes thereabouts and Mr Vreeland was definitely the Assessor. I do remember him pontificating on tape and the bushwa regarding Mr Vreelander’s secretary (the present woman assessor) wearing a uniform for the taping session during her lesson for the audience on the components of assessment.
    To me, it took place during a renaissance period of note in the community and elsewhere. Sadly I remember it because my own personal life cycle was unhealthy and grieving then so I was very much out of sync. It made me feel that I was surreal or the world around me was. It was an uncommon time then to me.
    It was good of you to post about this hidden tax found in the computation of assessment shuffle. I didn’t follow it like I wanted to but I feel it in my pocket and all I do is hang in there and try to abide. I truly don’t understand which is an embarrassment to state but I catch a glimmer of what you mean and what the town leadership is trying to accomplish. Thank you truly and again for your explanation on this topic.

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