Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 10, 2013

Oct irregular 2013

I went to the budget work session, and ‘work session.’  Thought there would be some good discussion about the budget.  But aside from adding in Town Board raises, they are all happy. Bob-O’s raise was already in there.  He’s happy with a 3.8922% increase.  I think the first budget meeting was last week, so I was surprised that no one had anything to say.

I arrived at 5:57 according to my car clock.  The courtroom clock said it was later.  When I walked in, they were already engaged in a discussion about when to set the hearing to override the tax cap.  I thought the meeting had already started.  After 6PM, there is no problem with the Town Board discussing town business, even if Bob-O hasn’t officially opened the meeting.  The difference is that it was not recorded.  The discussion was not for prime time.  Why not just turn on the camera?  They were also discussing the cemetery off camera. I was the only public there, so maybe they just are in the habit of discussing town business regardless of announced meetings.

The cemetery is a pre-existing non-conforming use.  That means the zoning code does not allow cemeteries, but this one was already there.  I still have to go back and see what was said the last time they were expanding beyond the open area requirement.  You remember, when they were talking about the scatter garden in the wetlands.

Bill Zutt says that the court says that non-conforming uses should be allowed to expand.  I’d like to see that decision.

I haven’t watched the Planning Board meeting, but it sounds like the proposed restaurant now includes an office building and retail.  It already seems to have spiraled out of control.  Jackie brought up the proposed funeral home.  Bill Zutt doesn’t remember that, but I do.  And the proposed restaurant and trails from years ago.

They authorized more work and money for Insite Engineering at the Town Park maintenance building and electrical for it.  Has anyone added it up?  

They talked about the sewer district contract expiring.  Oregon Corners has a sewer district.  “It” goes to Westchester.

I wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.

They went into the back room to talk about their raises.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.  It is cold stun season.

Does anyone know an organization that can find homes for kittens?






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