Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 30, 2013


“Just got word that the Conservative Party vote to put me on their line has been upheld by the board of elections. They found no merit in the challenges filed by my opponent.

Funny thing is that my opponent has complained that this election provides little choice for the voters.

Funnier thing, this is the 3rd time she tried to have me removed from the ballot.

Im sure making yourself the winner by default makes things easier If that’s not attempting to disenfranchise the voters, don’t know what is.

Voters should have the final say on who represents them.”
– Jacqueline Annabi

Clearly, I have a different take on everything that has occurred on petition and caucus challenges.

On petitions, the Board of Elections has declined to opine about what appear to be single signators who sign two or three times, saying that they are not handwriting experts. When the matter came before Judge Lubell, he chose to exclude two of the three respondents from the court proceeding.

Ms. Annabi was already on the ballot as of that court proceeding, despite her protestations.

As far as the Conservative Caucus, the caucus was called by someone who was not identified as the Chair. It was run by the county Chair who is not a voter in the Town of Putnam Valley.

Let’s debate it in public, with copies of the petitions and the caucus documents, camera rolling.

I believe in ballot access, but I believe that access should be fair and legitimate and transparent.



  1. Although I will vote for you, it is laughable for you (or anyone) to describe you as a conservative. The Conservative Party endorsement is assigned arbitrarily, by virtue of who shows up for the caucus. Patty Villanova (a true blue conservative) was denied the Conservative Party endorsement four years ago because Sal called an impromptu caucus; only a few party members were notified of the time and place of that caucus. The endorsement was contrived by Sal in favor of another candidate. This was a disgrace and caused Patty to lose a ballot line. She lost the election by just a few votes. I wish you well, but you are not a conservative as that term is commonly understood. Perhaps the time has come to outlaw cross-endorsements by minor parties.

  2. I don’t describe myself as conservative, aside from fiscal conservatism. I wouldn’t describe anyone endorsed as conservative either. I’m all for eliminating cross-endorsements. Is that liberal or conservative, or does it just depend on whether or not you want the endorsement?

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